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How to make Free Social Group Mobile Video Chat (in Real Time) on the Go, on Apple iOS -iPad; Google Android Tablets and Devices

Who is not familiar with the unmatched King of the search engine game that is Google?

Yes…Google is said to be renowned, most anticipated search engine in the current web scenario.

Also the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc are becoming more and more popular these days. Mostly, the young generations is getting more habitual towards the online social networking sites in order to get connected with entire world.

Why, What is Google Plus?

Recently Google has surprised all its users (or rather trying to replicate the Facebook’s twister effect?) by launching its new online social networking version called as Google+ (Google Plus), a great discovery in the communication world, by opening invites to public and making a great deal with the new mobile features. That’s really cool!

... the searches are being much pin pointed, fast and smarter and wider all over the world, the Google+ existence is no wonder to make online social presence! It is now free to join and do not require an invitation like before, Cool!

Google+ has the variety of innovative features that are very useful to all the users. The features such as Circles, Huddles (Messenger), Hangouts, Instant uploads and Sparks are of great use to the users.

Among all the features, Hangouts is the killer feature in Google+. It’s an interesting as well as awesome essential VOIP feature which enables the users for FREE group video chat!

And now the most awaited thing, Google+ has permitted its users to make a FREE group video chat on the mobiles too! Oh, that’s really great!

Yes…the users are now able to make a FREE group mobile video chat on their smart phones too!
Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right thing with the right peoples a lot easier.

Mobile Group Video Broadcasting/Hangout on the Go Features:

• The circle feature of the Google+ allows the users to invite more friends and make a circle of your friends to share your things.

Huddle (now known as Messenger) which is renamed as Messenger allows the users to make group messaging in super fast speed.

• Google+ added a step ahead towards the mobile photos and videos known as Instant uploads. This feature allows you to take photos and videos and upload them and later on share with your circles.

Sparks allows making topics of your own interests and letting them share with your circle as well as with other groups.

• Last but not the least, the Hangouts for smart cell phones like Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, an amazing feature that allows group video chatting. You can add up to 9 friends for group video chat wherever you are on the earth.

Get Google Plus app on Apple devices from iTunes for free,

Get Google Plus app on Android devices from Android Market for free.

Get Google Plus on Mobiles.

Stay tuned with the world wherever you are with awesome Google+ Hangouts even on your mobile phones!

Meet Vic Gundotra, the creator of Google Plus, Google's social online network, he is the SVP of Google Engineering Team.

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