Skype-Group Calls on Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Android, IOS

GroupMe Free Call Conferencing and Group SMS (Texting) using Skype VOIP

Skype is one of the most popular software in the field of VOIP communication. Its easy to use even by a layman and a non tech-y, hence it is widely used by all the peoples in the world.

Millions of small and big business and individuals make use of Skype to (Skype) make free video calls and voice calls as well as send instant messages with the other Skype users.

Skype has really become a must application like Google search engine in daily life, for all the individuals because of its various facilities. Really a wonderful application!

Recently Skype has acquired GroupMe, a group messaging service! Oh, that’s great!

Yeah…GroupMe is now the part and a service of Skype that provides a mobile group messaging services that allows users to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. Interesting!

Well, GroupMe is basically a group messaging and conference calling service that permits the users to stay in touch with the group of peoples via smart mobile phones. Really awesome!

Besides that it is a free service that allows its users to create and manage various groups that will make an effect of private chat room later on. Cool!

Messaging has become one of the essential things in day to day life. Yeah…you cannot live without it once you have started using GroupMe. So, start grouping with the people who are already in your contact list. When you send a message, everybody in the group will instantly receive it. It’s just a private chat room that runs on your mobile phone. Great application!

Also you can start an instant conference call along with the group messaging too!

Broadcast Your Group Call conference/Text (SMS) to Whole of the Group, How to?

Yes…each group has its unique free phone number. Just text that number and your message will be forwarded to everyone in the group and here you go! You can start the call conference at the same moment/instantly. That’s really wonderful!

You can share your location with the other group members. You are able to find out where your group members are and see them all on a map. Great!

Another fantastic thing, that you can capture your group moments and send them instantly within the conversation.

Skype along with GroupMe have shared a vision of creating applications and experiences that are the casual communication options for millions of peoples.

GroupMe has created a fabulous group messaging experience that works across all the mobile devices and platforms. The service works on Apple iOS, RIM-Blackberry, Microsoft's Windows Phone7 (WP7) as well as on Google's Android, which makes the perfect addition to the voice, video and text in the Skype family.

Stay in touch with your real life network!!

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