Samsung Galaxy Note: a VOIP tablet blended mobile hybrid

Samsung Galaxy Note: Smart Cell phone - tablet PC
Smart Samsung Galaxy Note Cell Phone
Samsung Galaxy Note: A smart cell phone / tablet PC (Hybrid Smart Mobile Phone)

Samsung Galaxy by Korean giant the Samsung tablet PCs are challenging the Apple iPad as the real Jesus Tablet PC, and now in the series there adds a name Samsung Galaxy Note, thin, light weight, 5.3" large-small screen smart mobile with HD super Amoled display, can also be used as a digital tablet computer on the go, while enjoying the advantages of a smart cell phone always,

VOIP with front camera on Galaxy Note: Use Samsung or Android Mobile VOIP Apps / Software

You can make calls over your SIM card with Samsung Galaxy Note or enjoy the cheap or free VOIP calls from Skype, (make unlimited free video chat or make group video call conferencing) over it, the Samsung Galaxy Note possess, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and thus the VOIP software which works on Android should be compatible on this smart, cute Tablet hybrid mobile!

The Story of Samsung Galaxy Note:

Unlike many contemporary smart cell phones, Samsung Galaxy Note always can perform as a telephone, VOIP video calling, smart tablet and gaming console functions, rich photos, also the music and videos could be a wonder experience on this little tablet or mobile, you can use it as a notepad, WIFI, social hub, GPS device, NFC (near Field communication), YouTube, Google Maps, Google Latitude, accelerometer, light digital compass, barometer, proximity, capture ideas, smart stylus pen for multi input, screen capturing & annotation, HSPA+ 4G, LTE, dual cams: 8MP camera, LED Flash, dual core processor, and many more creative activities with hoard of Samsung and Android compatible apps. This also has a smart planner and the intuitive scheduler.


Launch of the Samasung Galaxy Note II - 5.5" phablet (phone is tablet): Watch YouTube video

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Anonymous said...

galaxy note is good..however it doesn't seem to work well with quality is good, but there seems to be a problem with audio..most of the times we can't hear each disappointed.

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