Record Skype VOIP Video Calls (Free Trial)

Everyone is familiar now with the VOIP Global King of Communication known as Skype. Yes…Skype has become revolutionary and renowned in a very short span of time. Due to its best features and facilities, people all over the world have given A1 ranking to it.

…Skype is really a fantastic application in the field of web/mobile video calling, online or broadband internet telephony / communication. It furnishes you to make free voice calls all over the world. Instant messaging as well as unlimited free Skype-to Skype video calls are some of its best features.

There is a new addition in the features of Skype. Surprised!

Yes…the Skype from now on wards allows its users to make recordings of all its video conversations calls.

Yeah…a utility application VodBurner (available in Skype's third party App Directory) permits its users to make the recordings of all its video conversations! Truly Amazing!! Its good app for podcast interview recordings!

The application itself creates a complete video of all the video conversations performed on the Skype. How cool!!

This awesome application directly records all the video conversations of the Skype calls straightly on your hard disk and that too of crystal clear sound and video.

The best thing is that you can cut down the portion of the call which you don’t want in the final video! Oh, that’s really great!!

You can make many changes on your final video as per your requirement.

You can add background music, various pictures as well as you can change the type of font, color of the video before the final production.

You can upload your video on a YouTube show for public as well as private sharing.

Amaze your friends and see their reactions on your mind blowing creations!!

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kiki said...

nice info, thanx) but as for me, i always record skype calls using this tool, i heard a lot of positive opinions about it!)

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