Playground: iPad & Mobile Live Video Chat in a Group With Random Strangers: Fring

Make group video chat with strangers
Make group video chat with strangers
How to make, iPad & Mobile Live, Real Time, Video Chat (on the go) in a Group With Complete Strangers (Random) or 'Friends': Fring's Playground

I Love Fring from Israel! Fring is a per to peer innovation of our recent times, they excel in mobile social networking and IP smart cell phone video (and mobile, tablet group video) telephony and wireless video communication on the Go!

Fring provides for upto 4-way mobile group video calling and also one can make a video call over Apple iOS wonder tablet, the iPad. Fring DVQ is suitable for many mobile OS like it also works over Android,

How to Fring Mobile / Tablet PC / Wireless Group Video Call with Strangers? Use Playground

Fring has updated its mobile group and tablet video calling solution (a fun, communication essential social networking app/software for cell phones and tablets) so you may now call the strangers on your mobile's screen, its bit a like CHAT ROULETTE!

Fring is for Mobile VOIP, Popular VOIP like Skype

Create or join a video chat group directly over iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and have a fun, over WIFI, 3G or 4G.

Fring's group video calls: Playgrounds, with anonymous or strangers resembles a bit with Google Plus Hangouts...

Get free Fring Playgrounds for Android

Get free Fring for iOS (Apple iTunes Store).

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