Play Online Memory Game Using Live Video Streams

How to Play Virtual Memory Online Game Over Live Video Streams (match the live faces of other players, playing online) ?

Kids all over the world love to play games, offline and now in our age of internet they prefer to play games inside the room on their virtual playgrounds: wireless handheld consoles, PSP, DS, Nintendo (3d), PS2, iPad, Mobile games, TV and such a long list of digital playgrounds : )

But one thing is sure, there is a kid in each and everyone of us who loves to play online games, and also the video activity is a social online bonding attraction that people prefer to play on the world wide web!

What if we show you a memory game which is online, free, social and uses LIVE VIDEO STREAMS, Hmmm. lured, well than read this ahead ...

FaceOff is the name of the game of memory which uses the live video streams over internet, you have to compete with many other players and get social, and to make the highest score to win this video streaming memory game,

Faceoff, video streaming online memory game is powered by (of tokbox); who pioneers in adding a plug-n-play face-to-face, multi-way live and real time video to any chat application on the web.


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