Mobile Video Effects: Shoot & Share App

How to Manage and Do Video Effects, Personal Video feeds, Texting and Sharing on Mobile, iPad with Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touc) App?

Videos have become a great Communication fun Tool?

Video sharing has become a common thing in today’s world. The youngsters targets most of the videos and share them with their friends group.

How is the idea of sharing the videos with some extra ordinary features?

Yes…a wonderful app has been surfaced in iTunes Apple's store, with some extra ordinary features and amazing video effects.

Vlix is an amazing application that constitutes some great features which makes the video sharing quality highly different from other video sharing apps.

Vlix is one of the easier ways to share a video. You can share the video in the way you want to share. You are able to apply the sensational effects to the video too. Wow, interesting!

Well…the application enables you to apply the effects such as reverse picture, slow motion, fast forward, old film, X Ray effect, add an opening or closing text to videos and many more on the video. Thus you can enjoy the real fun in sharing the videos that you have created with your imagination. Exciting!

Also you can send the text along with the video, change the font size and change the color combination of the text too!

The application is available on Apple iTunes. You can download it for free from iTunes.

Let's have a look on the features of this wonderful application.
· You can add the videos to your personal video feed, feel the video, live with videos!
· You can also restrict the video viewing by making it friend-only option.
· You can make comments on the other videos too!

You can also more video effects using this application such as sparkles, hearts, stars and many more to add more liveliness to the video.

Enjoy video sharing with Vlix app…Its different!

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