Mobile Video Chat on Windows Phone (WP), How to?

Free & Cross Platform (Windows, Android, iOS etc.) Mobile Video Chat on MS Windows Phone (WP), How to?

The tech world is becoming more and more insane and powerful like a monster. Every single day it gives the birth to a new and innovative technology.

… the world is getting closer in sentiments with each passing day. There are several different types of innovative technologies/applications in the mobile world which are very useful for every person all over the globe.

Yes…a such innovation of technology will revolutionized now the (Bill Gates') Microsoft’s Windows mobile Phones with video calling and pour all of the human sentiments to the little screens of smart cell phones, you can feel and touch the smile of your new born, wedding of your pal, hear the sweet voice of your Mom-Dad, meet your Blonde, all in person, live and in real time ...

VOIP App for Windows smart Mobiles: Tango

The Tango video calls will work over MS Windows cell phones now! Video calling technology that also works on your PC, Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as on Android devices, tablets too is coming to WP!

Tango supports the cross platform network for video calling, so you can make a video calls from any of Android, iOS, Windows phone etc to any of such users of these operating systems,

What the heck Tango is?

Tango is a communication application that is easy to use as well as entertaining too! It allows the free video calling service that will permit its users to connect with their friends and family members who are located on the different parts of the world. Great!

You are able to have a free video call service with your near and dear ones, just make sure that the same application is downloaded on their mobile device too! If yes, then here you go…talk unlimited with everyone wherever you are over the globe! Interesting!

Tango’s main ambition is to convey the service over all the platforms of other applications too. So, from here after the Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Windows Mango mobile, Windows HTC Titan video phone 7.5 users are able to connect with the iOS and Android users too, this is the wonder of the cross platform video calling, Cool!

Thus, Tango is ready to give the experience, the feel of Fring / Microsoft's Skype/ Apple Facetime to all of its users.

Always keep in touch on video with your family and friends on your mobiles, wherever you are with Tango!

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