Mobile GROUP Message App: Cross-Platform Messaging

How to do Cross-Platform Mobile GROUP Messaging for Free, in-between Blackberry-Apple iOS- Android and Nokia Symbian S-40?

There is no need to waste your money and time on sending the text messages or popularly we know them as SMS, shocked?

Yeah…a new application which could be a substitute for cell phones SMS technology has been evolved recently.

WhatsApp Messenger is a wonderful application which allows you to exchange the messages without having paid for the charges for the SMS. Oh, really?! My Gotcha!

The Group Chat Communication, which goes beyond the mobile operating systems and connect them!

It is a cross-platform mobile messaging application for Apple iOS iPhone, RIM-Blackberry, Nokia and Google Android phones.

The best feature of the application is that the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian S-40 mobile phones can be connected with each other as the application uses the same Internet data plan that you used for the email and web browsing purposes. Really wonderful!

For the users who do a lot of texting, the WhatsApp Messenger is a must application as it permits them to do unlimited texting and that too for FREE!!

Yeah…now it’s time to say good bye to SMS as a wonderful Smartphone messenger is at your service.

Download the application and chat with your friends as much as you want. There are no hidden costs for your messaging.

You are able to do a group chat with your friends and family members. You can share different pictures, videos with them. The application really works awesome!

While using the application you don’t have to make another contact list or address book. The application automatically uses the existing address book. Also there is no need to create any new username to use the application.

The application works with your phone number and thus allows you to talk with your friends for unlimited of time. Interesting!

Even if you are offline, the WhatsApp Messenger will store your messages and will show you when you are online. It also keeps the history of the messages.

A must have application for all those who are text addicted! Awesome messaging, communication, social online networking, utility, essential app indeed!

Switch from SMS to WhatsApp Messenger and enjoy the free messaging as well as group chatting on the go!

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