MagicJack VOIP-IOS App = Free Unlimited US, Canada Calls

Calling VOIP way, for Free (free local and long distance calls): The United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

So you love freebies too like me : ) and of course perhaps everybody of us seeks the ways to make free calls for an unlimited length of time, communication is vital and who is here who do not want to communicate in the age of gadgets, cell phones, tablets, VOIP and such things?

MagicJack is a very popular phone calling device/adapter in US / Canada, it plugs (USB, uses RJ-11phone jack) in, in your PC/Laptop and provides you an uninterrupted stream of free to cheap VOIP calls, the voice calling with MagicJack is absolutely free in the US/Canada.

History of MagicJack USB Dongle/Device and VOIP Free Calls Provider:

Founder of the YMAX Communications Corp. Daniel Borislow is said to be the Founder & Inventor of this magical Magicjack USB plug and play VOIP gadget, which is a popular telephony application in America and Canada!, MagicJack is being credited with virtually zero phone charges within USA / Canada.

No doubt it is one of the fastest growing telephone companies in the world of our times (could it compete China or India companies (population) and grow that much big)?

US Canada Emergency service 911 and MagicJack VOIP:

1. The 911 Emergency Services will NOT work with MagicJack application software,
2. US 911 needs a US phone number, and that is for Canada, needs a Canadian phone number,
3. They say, that, their E-911 VOIP Emergency Services are something differs than other 911 service which are offered on traditional phone lines.

MagicJack Free VOIP Calling free app for Apple iOS is now available in Apple iTunes Store:

Get Magic Jack IP free calling free app (works like another VOIP apps on WIFI, 3G or 4G) now on your iGadgets: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch! This gives a new dimension to online social networking blending with communication. Thus makes free MagicJack calling over iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

MagicJack iOS App to Free Land line Phone Calls:

MagicJack VoIP adapter, to make free calls

You even can make free VOIP calling to US / Canada / Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands land lines (from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using free app on the go) with this little Magic Jack, it works like a charm, it is free and gives lots of fun, no pain like other telcos, this is a digital VOIP wonder!


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Even allowing for the rise of the Internet and electronic methods of communication, the telephone is still by far the fastest and easiest method by which a Business Phone Service can contact its customers, and vice versa.

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