How to Make Video Group Chat & One-to-One Chat?

IOS & Android Communication App: Enjoy free group or one-to-one multimedia chats anywhere in the world

Update: Now Kakao Talk also offers free voice calling in South Korea!

Technology always has its role in solving most of the human problems as it has continuously resize, reshaped and evolved and is evolving like ever, across all the continents from decades, to make life easier. Yes… one such amazing, exciting technology has been recently launched for the chat hungry all over the world.

Kakao Talk is the software application (phone number based messenger app with push alerts, permits to add friends with the IDs and also with their telephone number) developed for all the Smartphone users. It allows its users to send and receive the multimedia messages as well as the videos, pictures and other information that too for FREE.

Well, it seems, its time to say bye to all the other messenger applications as the latest application Kakao Talk has launched to serve you better.

Make Easy Multimedia Group Chat or One-to-One Chat

Do you wish to group chat with your friends for free? So, here is the ultimate solution for your question and that is Kakao Talk.

Yes…you can also do group chatting as well as one to one chatting with the help of this awesome application. Interesting!

Kakao Talk supports the cross-platform networks. It is unlimited and global too! It is one of the first free communication application in the world of Android.

The essential, utility and communication mobile works globally and has no hidden charges, no hidden fee, no registration, no memberships and no any other hidden work. The users just have to download the application, enter the phone number and here you are, ready to chat with your friends!

It is just so simple, easier and cool application to use

You can add unlimited of friends for the group chat and chat with them for unlimited of time and that too for free!

The application also allows its users to share the pictures, videos with rapid speed.


This software is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (take it free from Apple iTunes store). Also it offers English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean version of languages.

The users can text in any language that they are comfortable with.

Get your software downloaded on your mobiles from iTunes or Android Market. It’s just FREE.

Get together with the world and enjoy the fascination with multimedia (video / picture) chatting!!


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