Free US-IP Caller- Ooma is WiFI Now: Telo

The great US VOIP telecom, the Ooma (since 2004) free home phone service, which provides free unlimited calling in America is available over WIFI network and you can use it as wireless way!

How to use Ooma VOIP Free Calls on WIFI? Telo Air WIFI Adapter

Ooma has a Telo Air Wi-Fi adapter which costs US$49.99 usinf this adapter one can make free VOIP calls to USA (just pay some small taxes a month like USD 3.5 etc) over WIFI via Ooma, which will be of course un-tethered at all,

Ooma Gives Free Phone Calls; But how it makes Money?

Simply Ooma has its premium (freemium) business services, now one of the latest Ooma feature is the advanced 911 notification feature for an emergency calling which generally VOIP telcos lack of, free number porting etc and such for USD9.99 a month.

Ooma uses the pure voice HD technology to make internet voice calling sounds more natural and sweet like honey : )

How to use VOIP Adapter like a MIFI personal WIFI hotspot creator

Telo WLAN VOIP adapter has lots of novel and innovative features, like it is able to turn the Telo into a wireless bridge networking, thus use it like a MIFI personal WIFI hotpot creator to get connected to other WIFI devices like laptops, iPad, iPod Touch etc for your web surfing, VOIP etc anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

Ooma's Bluetooth service also is available to Telo users, and also the Google Voice extensions ...

Get ready for a high speed internet or VOIP free US calling journey with Ooma Telo WIFI (adapter) home phone service!

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