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I-Swap Faces (Face Blender) with Apple iOS Free App (iTunes store)

Have you ever wanted to swap or blend two faces in one photo? Surprised?

Yeah…it’s just a fun swapping the faces in the photos. Just imagine how would you look after getting a face of your friend or of your grandmother? Interesting!

It is now possible to swap the two faces in a photo. Yes…a new, funny application called as iSwap allows you to swap the faces in a photo. It’s really awesome!

The application is designed for Apple iOS: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad tablet.

To swap the faces you just have to take a picture with your iPhone or load a photo from your photo library. Then place the mask over two faces and the application will do the rest of the thing. Yes…here you are with a swapped face which will rejoice you a lot.

You can swap the face of your friend or any person of whom you want to look like. This application is just for the fun. Enjoy the faces of your favorite celebrity too!

You can also share your beautiful creation with your friends. Share on Facebook, MySpace photos! Also you can Tweet on the Twitter too. Have a great fun in sharing your creations.

The application is very easy and comfortable in use. You can swap the face in just one minute and entertain yourself by altering one person into another. Cool!

Morph the faces and have fun unlimited with this 3D type digital masking app, it's the face time entertainment free app!!

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