Email a Video Message on iPad, iPhone, How To?

Love mobile or Facebook video calling now learn to send a video mail on Apple iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Mobile Video calling is getting popular day by day; also there are many different applications in the current scenario that allows us to make video calls. With help of these video calls the world has shrink to a tiny scale, and is becoming very closer day by day. It’s really true!

But sometimes due to some reasons we just need to compose a short video mail that can pass our message to our family and friends very easily. Yeah…we will now learn here how to air a short video mail that can convey our message as well as save our time too!

We will learn how to make the video mails on our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch phones. So, are you ready to learn?

Yeah…everybody now-a-days have a unique email account, but for those who don’t have, they need to create an email account to start sending the video mails.

Once you have created an account, just go through some simple steps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to start your video mail.

Procedure to send a video message:

• First things first: switch ON your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch camera.
• Make sure that the front facing camera is active mode.
• On the bottom of the right side of the camera screen you find a toggle switch for regular camera and video camera. Just switch on the video camera mode.
Once you are ready with all the above settings then,
• Press the start recording button which is of red color. Once you are done with the recording of your message press again the same button to stop.
• At the bottom of the left of the screen you will see a square button which will give you a sharing option. At the tap of it an email option flashes. Just tap that and your iPhone will start preparing a video of your message.
• Once the procedure is completed another email and an icon representing that your video is attached to the email will be flashed.
• Fill out this email as you commonly do. Like, the email address, subject, text in the body and send it to the person whom you wish to.

Hey! You are done with the sending of video mail! You will get the delivery report of your message as well. A beep sound indicates that the message is delivered to the person. But make sure that your iPhone’s sound is ON.

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