Digital VOIP Phone Dongle (USB): NetTalk Duo

netTALK General Brand Ad

Buy VOIP Phone USB Dongle (Plug and Play) and Make Free Calls to Canada, USA

Do you remember Magic Jack VOIP Dongle?

Digital VOIP Phone Dongle (wireless USB) lands at popular Zeller Canada

.. Zellers, is the name, which is second largest chain of mass discounted merchandise in Canada, is all set to test their hand in selling popular VOIP device or the IP digital phone, in Canada.

The Amzon, Dell, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, Sears stores already are selling the VERY popular free calling VOIP device in Canada,

The NetTalk Duo is a revolutionary VOIP wonder gadget which to cut phone bills drastically, and works over Internet Protocol, no contract, no monthly bills, no PC is ever required (means energy saving and ease of access for you) and provides unlimited free phone calls to ANY phone number-s in Canada and USA (local or long distance) and Duo to Duo free worldwide calling.

This amazing VOIP calling gadget provides connectivity over WIFI, 3G, 4G, EDGE etc telecom networks in multiple locations,

A Digital & Portable VOIP Telephony, How To (Procedure):

Connect the NetTalk Duo, plug n play device direct over Ethernet or via USB to your laptop, enable laptop's WIFI, and you are in, go through the complete procedure.

Free US / Canada Phone Number, Enhanced 911 and many other features works Over this VOIP Device:

NetTalk Duo VOIP dongle (an inexpensive phone line, which is plugged into a router) also enables the Enhanced 911 service in USA, this Enhanced 911 {E-9-1-1} PSAP {public safety answering point} service provides for a quick emergency response services as this identify you very quick and also able to locate your address when you dial 911 emergency number,

… They say this VOIP dongle is able to fire / replace your landline phone, home phone, but the bad thing is that you can NOT port your existing phone number to this … anyways, it is the life ...

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