Cross-Platform-Free Multimedia Messaging App

How to Send Free MMS across the Cross Platforms Operating Systems?

A strange named company called as Massij (Amman; Jordan based) is enabling its free texting app to use it across different mobile OS and supports MMS too,

The modern world is now equipped with most recent and fast communication devices from satellite networks, GPS to home based MIFI, VoIP and mobile video tele conferencing, it is growing very fast. In the current scenario, there are variety of applications and technologies ready to serve you at your finger tips.

Yes…online social networking and messaging services are becoming easier, faster than before. There are different types of messaging applications that allows the users to have more fun and ease while messaging.

One such messaging application has been recently launched for the cross platform networks (like works between Apple iOS and Google’s Android etc). Oh, that’s great!

Yeah…Massij is one of the texting applications that allows cross platform messaging. Interesting!

Using this amazing application you are able to interact effectively and in a very cool manner without any hassles with your family members and friends and that too for free!

The free multimedia messaging app application currently works on all the mobile platforms and is easy to download from App iTunes store and its cost effective too!

You can boost up your friends to download Massij into their phones and invite them for messaging.

• You are able to do free messaging using this awesome application.
• You can feel the experience of multimedia messaging service.
• Massij will automatically find the contacts those who are using Massij from your contact list in your phone.
• The messages made using the applications are totally free! Great!

Massij currently available on the iOS > iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone but soon it will conquer the floors of Nokia Symbian, Samsung, RIM's Blackberry and Android cell phones, tablets and handheld wireless devices.

Enjoy the fun of unlimited messaging!

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