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Create temporary phone numbers and remain anonymous
How to Create Free-Temporary-Use & Throw Phone Numbers? RingShuffle Free iPhone App (Patent pending)

Get FREE UK phone numbers and dial free overseas calls

Some interesting deals emerges a while in the telecom field too, like many time, may be, you had felt the need, to get a new disposable and free phone number to use it for the temporary deals (and you can always change it or shuffle it like a pack of playing cards or may be like you shuffle your date?!), like to give it to a marketing guy, a date, telemarketers, cold callers, insurance agent, posting on a Craig list, fill it out on a website, latest and a hot girlfriend, or just to the stalkers!

When you will make a call with this free temporary phone number, the party at the receiving end will not be able to know your real or permanent phone number ever, this is a promise, you can believe,

Why, How, I need Free Phone Number

Well, I understand that like me you too have many queries in your brain, and you love the freebies,  Ring central's Ring Shuffle is evolved, just to help you out, they are giving away the free phone numbers to any one to be used on a temporary basis or you can say them as the throw away phone numbers which can always be disposed or use & throw,

... they do not cause any harm to anybody or nothing related to animal testing, so no need to recycle them ever : ) they are for pure-vegetarians! LoL!!!

Apple iOS (iTune Store) communication (essential, utility) App for free to generate free and temporary phone numbers

How To-s and Procedure to Design a free temporary Phone Number

Well, Download the free app from iTunes store on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch > enter your real existing phone number in that phone number app > Facebook App or > Website > choose a phone no. in an area code > so next when you have a phone call it would get redirected to your real private phone #.

Limit or Fine Print?

Sky is NOT the limit here, the free Shuffle phone number are good and work only for 7 days, after that these phone number will expire, and than if and when needed, you have to get an another disposable phone number, if any time you wish to cancel this throw away phone number, just delete it any time, simply.

... Get rid of unwanted and cold calls on your phone now, get a cool sleep with no fears!

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Anonymous said...

NOT free anymore. This is site #11 that I've seen and says shuffle is free. It is not. It is part of a larger group of services which cost $$$.

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