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Create Free, Temporary Phone Numbers

create give away phone numbers
Create temporary phone numbers and remain anonymous
How to Create Free-Temporary-Use & Throw Phone Numbers? RingShuffle Free iPhone App (Patent pending)

Get FREE UK phone numbers and dial free overseas calls

Some interesting deals emerges a while in the telecom field too, like many time, may be, you had felt the need, to get a new disposable and free phone number to use it for the temporary deals (and you can always change it or shuffle it like a pack of playing cards or may be like you shuffle your date?!), like to give it to a marketing guy, a date, telemarketers, cold callers, insurance agent, posting on a Craig list, fill it out on a website, latest and a hot girlfriend, or just to the stalkers!

When you will make a call with this free temporary phone number, the party at the receiving end will not be able to know your real or permanent phone number ever, this is a promise, you can believe,