Cleaning Up Your IT Mess with Windows 8 On the Way

MS Windows 8

Are you still struggling with your IT situation in your small business? Are you aware of the full range of applications available to make your business life easier? Windows 8 will be released soon, and so there is no better time than now, to start sorting your situation out.

All of us are using personal computers in our small businesses, it is impossible not to be. At the same time, most small business owners are not using their personal computers properly, and this causes a number of problems, including loss of productivity, extra costs, administration down-time, and most importantly of all, it gives those small business owners a load of constant frustrations.

Most of us are using Windows operating systems, and because Windows 8 ( will be released soon, now is a good time to get your computer and small business IT needs in order. Here is a look at what you should do.

• Older Devices. Personal computers have a shelf life of about 2 years. If you have laptops and desktops any older than this, you are going to be having problems on a regular basis. It is not that there will be any real hardware problems, but as operating systems improve, they require better and faster machines. As operating systems improve, applications also improve. If you are updating your operating system, and then updating your applications, you will find your computers start to operate slowly, and ultimately, they will crash all the time.

If you don’t update your applications, you cannot continue to communicate with others on the level they are. Protocols change, file types improve, and there are just too many issues that will arise when you do not update your applications. If you want to update your applications, you will be forced to update your operating system. Like it or not, this is a wonderful cycle the software, operating system and personal computer manufacturers created. There is a built-in shelf life to anything if it involves a personal computer.

• Applications. There are so many applications that can help you run your small business better. Do you know people who are still filling in their tax returns in by hand? Are you still filling them in by hand? All of your administration throughout the year, and all of your accounting could be centralized and your tax-return application can be sent in a click of a mouse. This only one simple example of the full range of small business applications available on the market. Why not get some advice and do a little searching on the internet to help you streamline your workload. You might be able to terminate that annoying secretary you have been putting up with for years.

• Huge Cost Savings. Personal computers can let us do a lot more than type a letter, surf Facebook, and send an email. VOIP (Video/Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications and business phone systems ( are only one example of where you can be making huge savings on the cost of your communications, and even expanding your business.

• Computer Literacy. Despite all of the software and applications to help us get our business done, many of us are still very illiterate when it comes to using our personal computers. I was one of the first people to get an email address in Australia, I had personal computers before there was even Windows, and I was just starting high-school, I can use numerous applications, and yet, I still cannot use Excel.

I am a perfect example of someone who cannot use a very widely used software application. If we are going to use computers, why not invest in a little education. There are numerous courses that can teach us everything we need, and yet we do not attend them.

Faster and better devices, applications and operating systems are just as important as super-fast internet connections. We have them all available, and they are about to get a whole lot better.


NB. This is a Guest Post.

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