Broadcast Phone Calls for Free to a Group at Large, How To? (For iOS and Android)

Free Online Voice Broadcasting/Blasting on Google Android and Apple iOS

There is a speedy emergence of the various new technologies/ applications in the field of wireless, mobiles and the communication. Due to this communication with your near and dear ones has become a lot easier no matter where you are over the globe!

Yes…one such great evolution of the new technology has recently come into existence that has made the power of sending the messages and calls stronger than ever.

Yes…DialMyCalls application is one of the excellent apps in the field of communication in the current web scenario.

What is DialMyCalls application?

Well, the application allows its users to send or rather blast an instant voice or text messages to a list of phone numbers which could be really big. Oh, that’s great! Its like making an instant voice call to a larger group on the click of a single button.

The free voice broadcasting works in 48 States of Continental USA, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and in Puerto Rico, sorry for the internationals right now.

…the application supports your Android devices, Apple iOS: iPhone; iPad and iPod touch (download free app from Apple iTunes store) without a single penny to use. Amazing!

DialMyCalls apps can easily record the messages and can send them to the selected group of people within minutes! Cool! You can send messages out to 2 or 200,000 phone members within minutes.

If your calls end up going to the voicemail, then the application directly leave the message on their answering machines which can be hear later on.

There is no requirement of any hardware or any accessories to be installed. Wonderful!

Due to the easy broadcasting of numerous messages at one time, the application is really very useful for the smaller organizations. Also for those who want to make calls for larger groups can also make use of this wonderful application as it is time consuming too!

Chill features of the voice broadcasting app
• It is safe and secure as it doesn't reveals any information from your account.
• It provides you with detailed report on the calls or text made by you.
• It has easy data importing system.

Experience the FREE magic of calling as well as texting anywhere on the go!!

Remember the Classic Communication Quotation and think on this, why this has been said?

... The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.
:Peter Drucker

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