MagicJack VOIP-IOS App = Free Unlimited US, Canada Calls

Calling VOIP way, for Free (free local and long distance calls): The United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

So you love freebies too like me : ) and of course perhaps everybody of us seeks the ways to make free calls for an unlimited length of time, communication is vital and who is here who do not want to communicate in the age of gadgets, cell phones, tablets, VOIP and such things?

MagicJack is a very popular phone calling device/adapter in US / Canada, it plugs (USB, uses RJ-11phone jack) in, in your PC/Laptop and provides you an uninterrupted stream of free to cheap VOIP calls, the voice calling with MagicJack is absolutely free in the US/Canada.

History of MagicJack USB Dongle/Device and VOIP Free Calls Provider:

Founder of the YMAX Communications Corp. Daniel Borislow is said to be the Founder & Inventor of this magical Magicjack USB plug and play VOIP gadget, which is a popular telephony application in America and Canada!, MagicJack is being credited with virtually zero phone charges within USA / Canada.

No doubt it is one of the fastest growing telephone companies in the world of our times (could it compete China or India companies (population) and grow that much big)?

US Canada Emergency service 911 and MagicJack VOIP:

1. The 911 Emergency Services will NOT work with MagicJack application software,
2. US 911 needs a US phone number, and that is for Canada, needs a Canadian phone number,
3. They say, that, their E-911 VOIP Emergency Services are something differs than other 911 service which are offered on traditional phone lines.

MagicJack Free VOIP Calling free app for Apple iOS is now available in Apple iTunes Store:

Get Magic Jack IP free calling free app (works like another VOIP apps on WIFI, 3G or 4G) now on your iGadgets: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch! This gives a new dimension to online social networking blending with communication. Thus makes free MagicJack calling over iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

MagicJack iOS App to Free Land line Phone Calls:

MagicJack VoIP adapter, to make free calls

You even can make free VOIP calling to US / Canada / Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands land lines (from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using free app on the go) with this little Magic Jack, it works like a charm, it is free and gives lots of fun, no pain like other telcos, this is a digital VOIP wonder!


Broadcast Phone Calls for Free to a Group at Large, How To? (For iOS and Android)

Free Online Voice Broadcasting/Blasting on Google Android and Apple iOS

There is a speedy emergence of the various new technologies/ applications in the field of wireless, mobiles and the communication. Due to this communication with your near and dear ones has become a lot easier no matter where you are over the globe!

Yes…one such great evolution of the new technology has recently come into existence that has made the power of sending the messages and calls stronger than ever.

Yes…DialMyCalls application is one of the excellent apps in the field of communication in the current web scenario.

What is DialMyCalls application?

Well, the application allows its users to send or rather blast an instant voice or text messages to a list of phone numbers which could be really big. Oh, that’s great! Its like making an instant voice call to a larger group on the click of a single button.

The free voice broadcasting works in 48 States of Continental USA, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and in Puerto Rico, sorry for the internationals right now.

…the application supports your Android devices, Apple iOS: iPhone; iPad and iPod touch (download free app from Apple iTunes store) without a single penny to use. Amazing!

DialMyCalls apps can easily record the messages and can send them to the selected group of people within minutes! Cool! You can send messages out to 2 or 200,000 phone members within minutes.

If your calls end up going to the voicemail, then the application directly leave the message on their answering machines which can be hear later on.

There is no requirement of any hardware or any accessories to be installed. Wonderful!

Due to the easy broadcasting of numerous messages at one time, the application is really very useful for the smaller organizations. Also for those who want to make calls for larger groups can also make use of this wonderful application as it is time consuming too!

Chill features of the voice broadcasting app
• It is safe and secure as it doesn't reveals any information from your account.
• It provides you with detailed report on the calls or text made by you.
• It has easy data importing system.

Experience the FREE magic of calling as well as texting anywhere on the go!!

Remember the Classic Communication Quotation and think on this, why this has been said?

... The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.
:Peter Drucker

Mobile Video Effects: Shoot & Share App

How to Manage and Do Video Effects, Personal Video feeds, Texting and Sharing on Mobile, iPad with Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touc) App?

Videos have become a great Communication fun Tool?

Video sharing has become a common thing in today’s world. The youngsters targets most of the videos and share them with their friends group.

How is the idea of sharing the videos with some extra ordinary features?

Yes…a wonderful app has been surfaced in iTunes Apple's store, with some extra ordinary features and amazing video effects.

Vlix is an amazing application that constitutes some great features which makes the video sharing quality highly different from other video sharing apps.

Vlix is one of the easier ways to share a video. You can share the video in the way you want to share. You are able to apply the sensational effects to the video too. Wow, interesting!

Well…the application enables you to apply the effects such as reverse picture, slow motion, fast forward, old film, X Ray effect, add an opening or closing text to videos and many more on the video. Thus you can enjoy the real fun in sharing the videos that you have created with your imagination. Exciting!

Also you can send the text along with the video, change the font size and change the color combination of the text too!

The application is available on Apple iTunes. You can download it for free from iTunes.

Let's have a look on the features of this wonderful application.
· You can add the videos to your personal video feed, feel the video, live with videos!
· You can also restrict the video viewing by making it friend-only option.
· You can make comments on the other videos too!

You can also more video effects using this application such as sparkles, hearts, stars and many more to add more liveliness to the video.

Enjoy video sharing with Vlix app…Its different!

MSN Live Messenger on Smart Cell Phones

How to get MSN Live Messenger on Smart Cell Phones?

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.
: Ann Morrow Lindbergh

Your entire online world is now landed into a small one basket! Surprised? Yeah…the genius brains all over the world have discovered a technology / application that bring all your social updates across the web to one place. Great!

Yes…MSN Live Messenger is an app/technology that combines best IM with social networking.

You can also have the features of this technology now on your mobile phones! Yes, you must be thinking what is this great application is?

Well, the application, MSN live Messenger is the one with which you are always be connected with your near and dear ones all over the globe.

Yes…you can share photos, videos while you are on the chat. But you will say all the other apps do same things, what is the difference between this and the other apps?

Wait…here is the main difference. You can watch the videos and photos in the HIGH DEFINITION as well as send video messages too! Amazing!

So, have more fun chatting with your friends face-to-face, watch online videos, and share them with the people who matter the most.

MSN Messenger brings your online world together at one place so that you are always updated with the current status of your friends and more from websites such as FaceBook and MySpace.

All the above things are now possible to do directly from your smart cell phones. You just have to choose your cell phones and here you go!! Be connected with your friends, see who is online, chat with them and share with them directly from your cell phones no matter where you are. Cool!

Stay connected with your friends in a very simple manner wherever you are on the globe!!

Bye the way, remember the golden saying:

Words are a wonderful form of communication, but they will never replace kisses and punches.
:Ashleigh Brilliant

Skype Anti Shake Software for Apple iOS

Image / Video Stablization or Anti Shake Software for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) from Microsoft Skype - VOIP

Skype the VOIP Citadel has yet another color to its bouquet of flowers, a technology which ensures Image Stabilization or is known as ANTI SHAKE to a layman, which ensures that while making a video call either on the Go, the video picture or that image do not get rumbled, bumped, tremble, shaken or flickered at all, just a smooth video stream and a pleasant video calling experience over Apple iOS iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch, even it is a free Skype to Skype VOIP video calling,

Save your eyes from bumpy road, jerks on a video call while on a journey use ANTI SHAKE VOIP software which ensures video image stabilization!

Skype VOIP Calls with Bluetooth Enabled Devices, Can I?

Yes you ALSO can use the Bluetooth enabled devices for hands free Skype VOIP calls now on wards, make your life a picnic while making audio/video call conferencing on the go or in a car now : ) do not care to hold your Apple iPad tablet or iPhone in your hand, VOIP is hands free now ...

Enjoy wideband audio Silk codec on Skype!

More details here.

Social-Group-Mobile Video Chat - Free & Unlimited: Google+

How to make Free Social Group Mobile Video Chat (in Real Time) on the Go, on Apple iOS -iPad; Google Android Tablets and Devices

Who is not familiar with the unmatched King of the search engine game that is Google?

Yes…Google is said to be renowned, most anticipated search engine in the current web scenario.

Also the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc are becoming more and more popular these days. Mostly, the young generations is getting more habitual towards the online social networking sites in order to get connected with entire world.

Why, What is Google Plus?

Recently Google has surprised all its users (or rather trying to replicate the Facebook’s twister effect?) by launching its new online social networking version called as Google+ (Google Plus), a great discovery in the communication world, by opening invites to public and making a great deal with the new mobile features. That’s really cool!

... the searches are being much pin pointed, fast and smarter and wider all over the world, the Google+ existence is no wonder to make online social presence! It is now free to join and do not require an invitation like before, Cool!

Google+ has the variety of innovative features that are very useful to all the users. The features such as Circles, Huddles (Messenger), Hangouts, Instant uploads and Sparks are of great use to the users.

Among all the features, Hangouts is the killer feature in Google+. It’s an interesting as well as awesome essential VOIP feature which enables the users for FREE group video chat!

And now the most awaited thing, Google+ has permitted its users to make a FREE group video chat on the mobiles too! Oh, that’s really great!

Yes…the users are now able to make a FREE group mobile video chat on their smart phones too!
Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right thing with the right peoples a lot easier.

Mobile Group Video Broadcasting/Hangout on the Go Features:

• The circle feature of the Google+ allows the users to invite more friends and make a circle of your friends to share your things.

Huddle (now known as Messenger) which is renamed as Messenger allows the users to make group messaging in super fast speed.

• Google+ added a step ahead towards the mobile photos and videos known as Instant uploads. This feature allows you to take photos and videos and upload them and later on share with your circles.

Sparks allows making topics of your own interests and letting them share with your circle as well as with other groups.

• Last but not the least, the Hangouts for smart cell phones like Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, an amazing feature that allows group video chatting. You can add up to 9 friends for group video chat wherever you are on the earth.

Get Google Plus app on Apple devices from iTunes for free,

Get Google Plus app on Android devices from Android Market for free.

Get Google Plus on Mobiles.

Stay tuned with the world wherever you are with awesome Google+ Hangouts even on your mobile phones!

Meet Vic Gundotra, the creator of Google Plus, Google's social online network, he is the SVP of Google Engineering Team.

Google+: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107... - Official Google Mobile Blog

Why is an ‘i’ in Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac, iTunes, iShuffle, iCloud etc?

What the heck is this ‘i’ (lowercase) in Apple iOS (was known as iPhone OS before June of 2010), iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac, iTunes, iShuffle, iCloud, iBook, iMessage etc? But why NOT the Apple is an iApple or its eWorld is Not the iWorld?

Be its Amazon, Android tablet makers, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, RIM-Blackberry or so, everybody seems to challenging Apple’s iPad Tablet PC by creating their own branded digital tablet computers?! Is iPad an ultimate citadel? Or is it God’s own Tablet?

…. There is one thing common all to this that is Apple is UNMATCHED, beyond any competition and always moving like a King, why everybody targets Apple iPad, ultimately, perhaps its users knows the secret and know why do they prefer iPad over other digital tablet PCs, anyways, this is not my point of discussion,

Well, a query flashed in my dirty mind today that why Apple’s all gadgets started with a pre-fix ‘i’? Is acronym i has become a brand name or synonym for Apple products? Any clues, yes I got it first, I will crack this secret only if you share too this with yours on the web, social web and also subscribe/bookmark to this blog and come here to read it daily : ) Lol!

Actually according to the online encyclopedia, the Wikipedia:

"... Apple declared the 'i' in iMac to stand for "Internet"; it also represented the product's focus as a personal device ('i' for "individual") ..."

Thus the Apple rolled the prefix 'i' with its Mac as iMac (previous to iMac, an Apple service was known as eWorld and not the iWorld) , 'i' was ment for the internet (international network) like e-commerce or e-book, where the letter 'e' represents the 'electronic’ word, I also represents the things 'personal', we are living in the very prefixes and the virtual cyber space!

9th letter in English Alphabetical order the 'I' represents not only a single unique letter but at the same time it is a ONE LETTER 'WORD', which sense like 'my',

... though 'I' is always a 'word of proud' (not when used as a letter, but when used as a 'word') or represents 'ego' in the eyes of the philosophers or who knows about the life's secrets : )

'i' Combines Apple & Google, Strange, True but How?

'i' has the power to combine, and not only the Apple, many more corporations are widely using an i for their products / services like iGoogle, Nintendo DSi, Intel i5 Dual core etc ... thus i is a common factor which is prefixed in Apple' gadgets as a brand and also in a Google service: iGoogle : ) otherwise we know how the big tech corporations indulge many times in major legal tussles?

Why the Apple is a Peeled Apple and not an iApple?

Well, interesting question again hit my polluted mind : ( perhaps the Apple is NOT an iApple as it is a smart English language student who knows 'i' means Me and this never happens to be in lower case in English grammar, use of 'i' is always done in upper case 'I'?! For example, in the sentence: My father and 'i' went for a picnic, the lower case 'i' is incorrect and here the correct thing would be like 'i' in capitals: My father and 'I' went for a picnic.

May be Apple understand this (having an artificial intelligence?) and do not want to spoil its brand value or the brand name with incorrect grammar usage or like things? American English usage system seems to be more generous, quiet adaptable and has an open heart? and is including all the words and letters now a days from Phone to iPhone ... the list is long!

Strangely all the languages have a universal rule or rather a tendency, that the 'words' get reduced, chewed or shortened with the times as an ease of access or usage, but it seems this rule is being defied when we talk Tech things and the words get long like from Pad to iPad?!

Any language Pundit (linguist) will tell more about how the words are coined, die or change their shapes? : )

Watch Live Stream Videos on Mobile, iPad, PC, On the Go, Anywhere

Just imagine, if you can watch your favorite videos anywhere, anytime all over the globe sans physical boundaries of the nations! Isn’t that interesting?

Yes…an astonishing application called as Air Video is designed for iPhone; iPad and iPod Touch that can stream your video live on the Apple's i-devices.

The application is totally free and can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes.

Video (AVI, DivX, MKV etc) streaming:

The amazing application can stream the videos in any format on your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There is no need to copy the videos on your devices. Really, you can watch unlimited videos, right, over the air, no need to synchronized!

Live Streaming Videos App for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard / MS Windows PC:

Can be downloaded from

Live conversion:

If the videos which you want to watch are not in the format supported by your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, then no need to worry at all, Air Video application will convert them on the fly. You don’t need to wait until the whole video is converted, you can start watching instantly.

You can experience the hassle free conversion on your devices while using the Air Video application.

iOS Mobile on the go, Video App Features:

• You can also store the videos in your iPhone if you don’t want to watch them. Air video application does the same for you. Cool!

• Air video application comes with many more extra features like it permits the users to crop, zoom the video. Wonderful application!

• Also it supports the live conversion of the video and you can add videos to iTunes playlist directly from your iPhone.

Have fun, pleasure and cheers while watching the videos anywhere you go over the globe on Apple iPad, mobile devices!

Cross-Platform-Free Multimedia Messaging App

How to Send Free MMS across the Cross Platforms Operating Systems?

A strange named company called as Massij (Amman; Jordan based) is enabling its free texting app to use it across different mobile OS and supports MMS too,

The modern world is now equipped with most recent and fast communication devices from satellite networks, GPS to home based MIFI, VoIP and mobile video tele conferencing, it is growing very fast. In the current scenario, there are variety of applications and technologies ready to serve you at your finger tips.

Yes…online social networking and messaging services are becoming easier, faster than before. There are different types of messaging applications that allows the users to have more fun and ease while messaging.

One such messaging application has been recently launched for the cross platform networks (like works between Apple iOS and Google’s Android etc). Oh, that’s great!

Yeah…Massij is one of the texting applications that allows cross platform messaging. Interesting!

Using this amazing application you are able to interact effectively and in a very cool manner without any hassles with your family members and friends and that too for free!

The free multimedia messaging app application currently works on all the mobile platforms and is easy to download from App iTunes store and its cost effective too!

You can boost up your friends to download Massij into their phones and invite them for messaging.

• You are able to do free messaging using this awesome application.
• You can feel the experience of multimedia messaging service.
• Massij will automatically find the contacts those who are using Massij from your contact list in your phone.
• The messages made using the applications are totally free! Great!

Massij currently available on the iOS > iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone but soon it will conquer the floors of Nokia Symbian, Samsung, RIM's Blackberry and Android cell phones, tablets and handheld wireless devices.

Enjoy the fun of unlimited messaging!

Talking Photo, Who Communicate & Interact

Digital Trend: Talking Photos, Who can Chat Sexy & Interact

Ever heard or dream of your girl friends’ / kids / parents’ photo, to which not you can use in your heart or wallet, but may chat as well, like an Avatar or in a slide show, as and when?!

... May be you want to hangout and share the talking photo app on your Facebook , Twitter and other online social networks with friends and close circles?!

Yes…a new interactive, innovative technology of adding a sexy voice to photos is evolved recently. Surprised?

Yeah…you can now add your voice to your photos and share them with your friends and family members. Interesting!

Well, the new application known as Fotobabble can now add your voice to any of your snapshots.

What is Fotobabble?

Fotobabble is just a simple photo application that uses the technology of adding the voice to your snapshots and shares them with your near and dear ones. You can also add different background colors and make the photos look cool and share them anywhere. Cool idea!

Yes…the Facebook application as well as the ios and iPhone application allows their users to add their voice on their/or any photos and share them.

Imagine a friend of yours narrating his/her trip experience using the talking photo application! It’s going to be a real fun, amusing experience to listen.

Yes…you can share your experiences with your friends and family members in a more natural way rather by sharing them in written words. It adds personalized experience in the sharing story. Oh, it’s really awesome!

You can also make use of this voice communication technology in interactive business deals which can add advantage in your business too.

Along with the power of photo you can easily communicate with the customers and interact with them. In this way you can increase your online business, create more customers and make more profit.

How to start with the Voice Photo App and tag your voice to the pictures or snap?

There are just few easy, simple steps to start with the amazing application. Just install the application, upload the desired photo, record your voice and here you are ready to share the photo with your near and dear ones or to your customers.

Advantages of the Fotobabble:

• It adds real life experience while sharing the photos.
• The small businesses have a good opportunity in describing their products in their own voice.
• It increases their customers using this talking photo application.
• You can add an audio of your baby or of your trip or whatever and can share it with anyone you want.

Alter your photos into lively, talking masterpieces and enjoy the real fun of life!

VOIP: Mobile Video Calling App for MSN (iOS)


Yes…you can make free video as well as voice calls to all your MSN friends! Interesting!

A free application called as Video Messenger allows the users to make the free mobile video as well as voice calls to all the MSN users. Cool!

The application is totally free and is compatible with Apple iOS (in iTunes) iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

How to make a free mobile video call?

To make a free video and voice calls, both the receiver as well as the sender should have the set up of this application.

Also you can make free calls on your mobile device too with the help of WiFi network!

Amazing application that can turn your iPod Touch into a WIFI phone as well as you can able to make free video calls too!

VOIP Video Communication App: Features:

• You are able to make video and voice calls to your MSN friends.
• You can do the chat too with emoticons!
• There are offline push notifications which won’t miss any important message of yours.
• Also you never miss any of your important calls made through this application.
• There are variety of Ring tones and awesome backgrounds embedded in this application.
• You can enjoy the free calls anywhere in the world, if both the end of the users has this application installed.
• Your friend can also receive your video message no matter if he is offline! Cool!

Download the application from Apple iTunes, it is totally free!

Enjoy an unlimited, free video and voice cell phone calls all over the globe!

Cleaning Up Your IT Mess with Windows 8 On the Way

MS Windows 8

Are you still struggling with your IT situation in your small business? Are you aware of the full range of applications available to make your business life easier? Windows 8 will be released soon, and so there is no better time than now, to start sorting your situation out.

All of us are using personal computers in our small businesses, it is impossible not to be. At the same time, most small business owners are not using their personal computers properly, and this causes a number of problems, including loss of productivity, extra costs, administration down-time, and most importantly of all, it gives those small business owners a load of constant frustrations.

Most of us are using Windows operating systems, and because Windows 8 ( will be released soon, now is a good time to get your computer and small business IT needs in order. Here is a look at what you should do.

• Older Devices. Personal computers have a shelf life of about 2 years. If you have laptops and desktops any older than this, you are going to be having problems on a regular basis. It is not that there will be any real hardware problems, but as operating systems improve, they require better and faster machines. As operating systems improve, applications also improve. If you are updating your operating system, and then updating your applications, you will find your computers start to operate slowly, and ultimately, they will crash all the time.

If you don’t update your applications, you cannot continue to communicate with others on the level they are. Protocols change, file types improve, and there are just too many issues that will arise when you do not update your applications. If you want to update your applications, you will be forced to update your operating system. Like it or not, this is a wonderful cycle the software, operating system and personal computer manufacturers created. There is a built-in shelf life to anything if it involves a personal computer.

• Applications. There are so many applications that can help you run your small business better. Do you know people who are still filling in their tax returns in by hand? Are you still filling them in by hand? All of your administration throughout the year, and all of your accounting could be centralized and your tax-return application can be sent in a click of a mouse. This only one simple example of the full range of small business applications available on the market. Why not get some advice and do a little searching on the internet to help you streamline your workload. You might be able to terminate that annoying secretary you have been putting up with for years.

• Huge Cost Savings. Personal computers can let us do a lot more than type a letter, surf Facebook, and send an email. VOIP (Video/Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications and business phone systems ( are only one example of where you can be making huge savings on the cost of your communications, and even expanding your business.

• Computer Literacy. Despite all of the software and applications to help us get our business done, many of us are still very illiterate when it comes to using our personal computers. I was one of the first people to get an email address in Australia, I had personal computers before there was even Windows, and I was just starting high-school, I can use numerous applications, and yet, I still cannot use Excel.

I am a perfect example of someone who cannot use a very widely used software application. If we are going to use computers, why not invest in a little education. There are numerous courses that can teach us everything we need, and yet we do not attend them.

Faster and better devices, applications and operating systems are just as important as super-fast internet connections. We have them all available, and they are about to get a whole lot better.


NB. This is a Guest Post.

Win India Contest: The Facebook Effect

Here is a very simple our first online contest for the Talkfree7 VOIP and Mobile blog readers in India,

What to do:

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Also give our blog's above hyperlink on your blog, and win a cool prize paper book:

The Facebook Effect

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Our decision will be final in all respects and the winner will be declared, on the end of this post itself on September 19, 2011,


The prize book will be ordered and dispatched immediately from Flipkart, which should reach the winner's place in 3 business days anywhere in India. So Hurry your time starts now!!!

If this contest went successful than in coming times we can have weekly, or such contests on a regular ongoing basis and the prize will comprise of free recharge vouchers for Indian mobile phones, books and more, so enjoy : )

Spread the word about Telephoon BLOG ... make us VIRAL and win a pleasant surprise! prize : )

Mobile Video Chat on Windows Phone (WP), How to?

Free & Cross Platform (Windows, Android, iOS etc.) Mobile Video Chat on MS Windows Phone (WP), How to?

The tech world is becoming more and more insane and powerful like a monster. Every single day it gives the birth to a new and innovative technology.

… the world is getting closer in sentiments with each passing day. There are several different types of innovative technologies/applications in the mobile world which are very useful for every person all over the globe.

Yes…a such innovation of technology will revolutionized now the (Bill Gates') Microsoft’s Windows mobile Phones with video calling and pour all of the human sentiments to the little screens of smart cell phones, you can feel and touch the smile of your new born, wedding of your pal, hear the sweet voice of your Mom-Dad, meet your Blonde, all in person, live and in real time ...

VOIP App for Windows smart Mobiles: Tango

The Tango video calls will work over MS Windows cell phones now! Video calling technology that also works on your PC, Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as on Android devices, tablets too is coming to WP!

Tango supports the cross platform network for video calling, so you can make a video calls from any of Android, iOS, Windows phone etc to any of such users of these operating systems,

What the heck Tango is?

Tango is a communication application that is easy to use as well as entertaining too! It allows the free video calling service that will permit its users to connect with their friends and family members who are located on the different parts of the world. Great!

You are able to have a free video call service with your near and dear ones, just make sure that the same application is downloaded on their mobile device too! If yes, then here you go…talk unlimited with everyone wherever you are over the globe! Interesting!

Tango’s main ambition is to convey the service over all the platforms of other applications too. So, from here after the Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Windows Mango mobile, Windows HTC Titan video phone 7.5 users are able to connect with the iOS and Android users too, this is the wonder of the cross platform video calling, Cool!

Thus, Tango is ready to give the experience, the feel of Fring / Microsoft's Skype/ Apple Facetime to all of its users.

Always keep in touch on video with your family and friends on your mobiles, wherever you are with Tango!

Free US-IP Caller- Ooma is WiFI Now: Telo

The great US VOIP telecom, the Ooma (since 2004) free home phone service, which provides free unlimited calling in America is available over WIFI network and you can use it as wireless way!

How to use Ooma VOIP Free Calls on WIFI? Telo Air WIFI Adapter

Ooma has a Telo Air Wi-Fi adapter which costs US$49.99 usinf this adapter one can make free VOIP calls to USA (just pay some small taxes a month like USD 3.5 etc) over WIFI via Ooma, which will be of course un-tethered at all,

Ooma Gives Free Phone Calls; But how it makes Money?

Simply Ooma has its premium (freemium) business services, now one of the latest Ooma feature is the advanced 911 notification feature for an emergency calling which generally VOIP telcos lack of, free number porting etc and such for USD9.99 a month.

Ooma uses the pure voice HD technology to make internet voice calling sounds more natural and sweet like honey : )

How to use VOIP Adapter like a MIFI personal WIFI hotspot creator

Telo WLAN VOIP adapter has lots of novel and innovative features, like it is able to turn the Telo into a wireless bridge networking, thus use it like a MIFI personal WIFI hotpot creator to get connected to other WIFI devices like laptops, iPad, iPod Touch etc for your web surfing, VOIP etc anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

Ooma's Bluetooth service also is available to Telo users, and also the Google Voice extensions ...

Get ready for a high speed internet or VOIP free US calling journey with Ooma Telo WIFI (adapter) home phone service!

How to Make Video Group Chat & One-to-One Chat?

IOS & Android Communication App: Enjoy free group or one-to-one multimedia chats anywhere in the world

Update: Now Kakao Talk also offers free voice calling in South Korea!

Technology always has its role in solving most of the human problems as it has continuously resize, reshaped and evolved and is evolving like ever, across all the continents from decades, to make life easier. Yes… one such amazing, exciting technology has been recently launched for the chat hungry all over the world.

Kakao Talk is the software application (phone number based messenger app with push alerts, permits to add friends with the IDs and also with their telephone number) developed for all the Smartphone users. It allows its users to send and receive the multimedia messages as well as the videos, pictures and other information that too for FREE.

Well, it seems, its time to say bye to all the other messenger applications as the latest application Kakao Talk has launched to serve you better.

Make Easy Multimedia Group Chat or One-to-One Chat

Do you wish to group chat with your friends for free? So, here is the ultimate solution for your question and that is Kakao Talk.

Yes…you can also do group chatting as well as one to one chatting with the help of this awesome application. Interesting!

Kakao Talk supports the cross-platform networks. It is unlimited and global too! It is one of the first free communication application in the world of Android.

The essential, utility and communication mobile works globally and has no hidden charges, no hidden fee, no registration, no memberships and no any other hidden work. The users just have to download the application, enter the phone number and here you are, ready to chat with your friends!

It is just so simple, easier and cool application to use

You can add unlimited of friends for the group chat and chat with them for unlimited of time and that too for free!

The application also allows its users to share the pictures, videos with rapid speed.


This software is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (take it free from Apple iTunes store). Also it offers English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean version of languages.

The users can text in any language that they are comfortable with.

Get your software downloaded on your mobiles from iTunes or Android Market. It’s just FREE.

Get together with the world and enjoy the fascination with multimedia (video / picture) chatting!!


Capture 3D Images on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Capture 3D photos from iPhone, iPod, iPad
Shot 3D photos and share them
How to shoot or capture 3D images on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch?

3D Image converter for iOS mobile devices, How to?

The ongoing technology scenario is definitely of 3D. We can see many movies and pictures that are using this 3D technology. So, why should our mobile devices lacks behind them?

Yeah…we can now shoot the true 3D images on our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Oh, that’s really amazing!

Yes…the aE 3D Camera utility app in Apple iTunes Store, permits its users to capture the 3D images directly from the iPhone. Cool!

Once the application is installed in the device, you are able to view, edit the 3D images.

How it works?

From your mobile device when you click the image, it automatically gets converted into view able 3D image; later on you can share this 3D image with your family and friends through emails. It can be also viewed on the local devices too!

The iOS application aE 3D Camera comes with several different options to view and edit the images you have captured.

Edit, view and share the 3D images

Yes…using this application on your iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch you can edit, view and share these 3D images.

You can view the images which are sent by your friends. You can adjust the image resolution as per your need.

There are many more options to edit the images. The images can be added directly through the iPhone device or from the photo library of the device. You can also delete the image after viewing.

The users are able to share the amazing 3D images to their friends and family members and amaze them with your creative power.

Let us review the features of this cool photo application:

• This amazing application aE 3D Camera directly captures the 3D image frames.
• It supports 2-10 frame types.
• The image resolution capacity exceeds from 480, 640, 768, 800, 1024 etc.

Download this awesome application from the Apple iTunes Apple store and enjoy the 3D fascinating world just on your finger touch!!

Create Free, Temporary Phone Numbers

create give away phone numbers
Create temporary phone numbers and remain anonymous
How to Create Free-Temporary-Use & Throw Phone Numbers? RingShuffle Free iPhone App (Patent pending)

Get FREE UK phone numbers and dial free overseas calls

Some interesting deals emerges a while in the telecom field too, like many time, may be, you had felt the need, to get a new disposable and free phone number to use it for the temporary deals (and you can always change it or shuffle it like a pack of playing cards or may be like you shuffle your date?!), like to give it to a marketing guy, a date, telemarketers, cold callers, insurance agent, posting on a Craig list, fill it out on a website, latest and a hot girlfriend, or just to the stalkers!

When you will make a call with this free temporary phone number, the party at the receiving end will not be able to know your real or permanent phone number ever, this is a promise, you can believe,

Why, How, I need Free Phone Number

Well, I understand that like me you too have many queries in your brain, and you love the freebies,  Ring central's Ring Shuffle is evolved, just to help you out, they are giving away the free phone numbers to any one to be used on a temporary basis or you can say them as the throw away phone numbers which can always be disposed or use & throw,

... they do not cause any harm to anybody or nothing related to animal testing, so no need to recycle them ever : ) they are for pure-vegetarians! LoL!!!

Apple iOS (iTune Store) communication (essential, utility) App for free to generate free and temporary phone numbers

How To-s and Procedure to Design a free temporary Phone Number

Well, Download the free app from iTunes store on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch > enter your real existing phone number in that phone number app > Facebook App or > Website > choose a phone no. in an area code > so next when you have a phone call it would get redirected to your real private phone #.

Limit or Fine Print?

Sky is NOT the limit here, the free Shuffle phone number are good and work only for 7 days, after that these phone number will expire, and than if and when needed, you have to get an another disposable phone number, if any time you wish to cancel this throw away phone number, just delete it any time, simply.

... Get rid of unwanted and cold calls on your phone now, get a cool sleep with no fears!

Samsung Galaxy Note: a VOIP tablet blended mobile hybrid

Samsung Galaxy Note: Smart Cell phone - tablet PC
Smart Samsung Galaxy Note Cell Phone
Samsung Galaxy Note: A smart cell phone / tablet PC (Hybrid Smart Mobile Phone)

Samsung Galaxy by Korean giant the Samsung tablet PCs are challenging the Apple iPad as the real Jesus Tablet PC, and now in the series there adds a name Samsung Galaxy Note, thin, light weight, 5.3" large-small screen smart mobile with HD super Amoled display, can also be used as a digital tablet computer on the go, while enjoying the advantages of a smart cell phone always,

VOIP with front camera on Galaxy Note: Use Samsung or Android Mobile VOIP Apps / Software

You can make calls over your SIM card with Samsung Galaxy Note or enjoy the cheap or free VOIP calls from Skype, (make unlimited free video chat or make group video call conferencing) over it, the Samsung Galaxy Note possess, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and thus the VOIP software which works on Android should be compatible on this smart, cute Tablet hybrid mobile!

The Story of Samsung Galaxy Note:

Unlike many contemporary smart cell phones, Samsung Galaxy Note always can perform as a telephone, VOIP video calling, smart tablet and gaming console functions, rich photos, also the music and videos could be a wonder experience on this little tablet or mobile, you can use it as a notepad, WIFI, social hub, GPS device, NFC (near Field communication), YouTube, Google Maps, Google Latitude, accelerometer, light digital compass, barometer, proximity, capture ideas, smart stylus pen for multi input, screen capturing & annotation, HSPA+ 4G, LTE, dual cams: 8MP camera, LED Flash, dual core processor, and many more creative activities with hoard of Samsung and Android compatible apps. This also has a smart planner and the intuitive scheduler.


Launch of the Samasung Galaxy Note II - 5.5" phablet (phone is tablet): Watch YouTube video

USB Disk App for Apple iOS

iOS is one of the recent and world’s most innovative mobile operating system platform that specifies what work can be done or how we could ploy it over the mobile and digital tablet devices.

Yeah…the iOS delivers several new multitasking features that allow your applications to perform different task on your mobile devices.

USB Disk is one such feature which allows you to store and view the documents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

USB Disk is an essential utility app for iOS iGadgets

Yes…USB Disk is very simple to use and with simple and cool interface.

Do you ever wish to read or view your word documents or your PDF files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

So, now with the help of USB Disk you can view as well as read all your documents. Cool! It has many powerful features which are ready to accomplish all your needs!

USB Disk allows you to drag and drop your files and permits you to view on your iPhone; iPad and iPod touch wherever you are over the globe. Interesting!

Are you got bored of scrolling your document from where you had stopped reading it? Don’t worry at all. USB Disk automatically regenerates the position from where you had stop reading the article. Oh, that’s great!

Also the transfer of the pictures on your iPhone and iPod are really very faster with the help of USB Disk.

Another great feature of USB Disk is that you can email the documents and also you can view all your mails and attachments on your iPhone device. Cool!

USB Disk allows you to scroll fast on the documents, view the documents in full screen mode, copy and paste the documents, create files and also email your documents.

Compatibility factor

It is compatible with all types of files such as the PDF files (Adobe), HTML, MS Office docs, iWork docs, e books, Audio and video, music files types as well as word document files and picture files too!

Enjoy the great features of the USB Disk application and have fun unlimited on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A must have utility, essential application indeed, download it now FREE from Apple iTunes store!


How to use your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as a USB memory stick?

Virtual Kiss-Hug-Romance Live Video Stream App

virtual kiss and hug app
App to make virtual kiss and hug
Live Video Streaming Fun Application

Life can be a pleasant fun, when the romance blooms over the air, either this is with fiance, kids' or anybody you love!

I had Googled a live video streaming app for the readers' of Talkfree7, which schedules the face-to-face kiss, hugs or whatever you like virtually with actual people over the air using internet, live in real time : )

I am not exaggerating, try yourself, invite your love to this video stream site and chat, kiss, love or be angry, it is about streaming emotions over the air using world wide web.

...Oh do not forget to capture the moments of love or anger using this virtual photo booth.

Now do not brick-bat me : ( I am just the messenger and never shoot the messenger : )

Say it with Flowers! I love my global readers, Have a nice Sunday!!!


Streaming Video Games: Fire Your Consoles!

Cloud Gaming, What's it? Tell me More and How To?

I read a few interesting stories on online video gaming and tech industry, how it is evolving;

The video games too go social like any music or movie videos, you can play video games on demand; yeah it’s the beginning of the CLOUD GAMING or instant play / streaming of online games on your Apple iPad, TV, PC, Mac etc.

Cloud gaming (or Instant Gaming or Gaming on demand or broadband gaming) works as: the online games are synced and stored on the remotely hosted servers and are aired using the Internet.

The tech world is thrilled and of-course the world of gamer and players and kids and all who love digital games …

Gaming on Demand has come forward and has introduced a beta cloud gaming system, which is offering online games on demand which is supported by the luring freebies.

Onlive cloud social streaming video games offer some of the nicest titles in the industry, which any child would like to play with viz.: Batman, Dirt, Lord of Rings, Space Marine, Home Front etc.

Next Generation of 'Gaming Consoles' has arrived, it is about Cloud Gaming (and not the cloud computing)

Kick your handheld wireless gaming consoles now and be sure it is the very beginning of a new gaming addictive console which is cloud gaming, the social gaming or such a thing : ) Nintendo, Sony PSP, Ubisoft, and all prepare for the future, technology and gaming are a big and serious markets for you : )

'Netflix / Hulu' of Games have arrived, Taste the Thunder!

Play free demo games now on wireless broadband, or rent or buy a pack / bundle of the latest addictive online games.


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