Wireless Charging for Electric Cars

Wireless Charging for Electric Cars, How to? Is it possible?

There is nobody in this world who would deny the fact that they have been upset about the increase the fuel prices, isn't it? Now a days may be one is really well off financially to purchase a car, but somewhere or the other he is worried about using it often as now fuel costs a bomb. This has suddenly made a huge impact on the world of automobiles especially four wheeler.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you get something that is handy and portable to charge cars electrically? To be more precised now it is possible to charge your electric cars with a wireless charger.


The thing is called HaloIPT. This company is a chronicle in developing and manufacturing wireless charging technology for automobiles. Inductive power transfer which is abbreviated as IPT is mainly used by HaloIPT. This technology permits any car to travel, where you want it to.

Inductive power transfer wireless charging applies powerfully integrated magnetic resonance to channelize power from a transmitting pad on the ground to a receiving pad on an electric car. This is the reason for why it constitutes of two different components. The first is the primary side power supply with track and the second is the secondary side pick up pad with a controller.
All you need to charge this car is that either you have to park or simply just drive it over this pad. The efficiency of this product is absolutely great and is almost like the hard wired and is also evaluated to properly match the convention.

Also when you unplug the wires, the performance of your is not hampered also the dependability is as much similar as it would have been when you have the plugged the wires. Also this is something which is absolutely safe. Because the safety of the design and everything else, considering the aspect of someone getting an electric shock, is been given an utmost importance. So there you can be absolutely relieved about the safety HaloIPT. Also there are no moving or locomotive parts so the element of reliability is also great.

The best thing about HaloIPT is whenever you are travelling for a long time or may be whenever your car is just parked no one ever has to give a thought of charging it, because it is getting charged automatically. Also this allows your billing to be flexible which depends on you and is always in your favor, so just be relaxed and tension free about your transportation cost and go and explore the whole world by road!

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