Skype for iPad: Get it Now

Skype VOIP calling app (3G and WIFI) for Apple iPad (iPad specific Skype app), on the Apple's New Zealand iTunes store appeared for a while and than pulled away or disappeared, but why?

Skype says that for a better experience this is removed and will come again soon, it was up prematurely? But why VOIP giant is doing this? This is an amazing move, did Skype not tested before it went live?? Why the inconvenience is being apologized by Skype team??

Well, wait and watch or make Facetime WIFI free video calls till Skype comes again. Enjoy the life as it comes : )

Its again here, yep, Skype VOIP app for Apple iPad is now available in iTunes store here download it to your iPad, iPad 2 Tablet PC and enjoy iPad as a VOIP phone, make Skype to Skype free calls (Audio / video) 24 hours; 365 days; anytime; anywhere,

Make international cheap calls to phones, send SMS, make IM and all from your iPad.

Note: * iOS version 4.0 or later required. iPad 1st Generation cannot send video, but can receive video.

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