Why Motorola Mobility Goes Google: Patent War a Reason?

If Microsoft can make an alliance with Nokia than Google can also make their wedding with Motorola Mobility : )

But why Google need to acquire Motorola? What is the reason or the truth behind? This is a million Dollar question which struck the minds?

Well, Tech Pundits are of the view that this is the patent war which is blowing like the cold war and is working in the background, to gain the supremacy in the tech world, the silent war / competition within Biggies is hot like in-between Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook and such techies,

Every web King or the Big Fish is trying to grab the small fish, Microsoft to Nokia and Skype, Google to Motorola Mobility?! Uhh!

Google had lost to Nortel patents and perhaps it was a blow for their Android mobile OS?! Also Microsoft got a success in getting some $5 per few Android devices, things, patents, supremacy war is hot to capture the mobile OS (either it is iOS, Windows, Android, Symbian, Anna or any other else) and worldwide cell phones markets,

It seems correct that the patent's war is one of the biggest threat to tech innovation! The Stock markets will have to closely watch this trend and protect the stake of their shareholders.


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