Voypi App for Android, iOS: Free Call & Text

Voypi (VOIP) Free Smart App for Apple IPhone & Android: Make Free Call & Text

Free callings and messaging on Google Android and iOS or Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch all over the world! Shocked? Yeah…with an exciting new app / product known as Voypi* it is now possible to make free calls and texts over iPhone, iPad and iPod touches. Wonderful!

*Voice over Internet Protocol is known as VOIP or IP calls and this app is named as Voypi
The wish of yours to have the cell phone calls and messages over the Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is going to be fulfilled now. Cool!

Yes…Voypi is going to rock the world by its ability to call and text your friends located anywhere in the world and that too absolutely free! Wow, great!

The smart VOIP application is super easy for use. There is no requirement of any application downloads, or ads and users do not have to create any account or any kind of log in.

The application works with your phone contact list so, there is no need to change any settings regarding the way you call or text your near and dear ones.

Voypi application is always ON; just like our cell phone so that you are always stay connected and it won’t make your phones battery exhaust quickly! Cool!

The latest application has lucid reception with a WiFi or 3G data connection. It just works like your regular cell phone and the push notifications assures that you are not going to miss any messages from now on wards. Oh! That’s really cool!

A lovable VOIP application for all those who want to make lots of cell phone calls. The application is free as it provides calling and texting to anywhere in the world with the help of any mobile carrier. Yeah…there is no charge for doing any kind of download nor does it cost anything to send and receive text messages. Great!

Let us review the outstanding features of this awesome application:

• It just works like your regular cell phone. The application is very easy to download. No hassles at all.
• You can find your friends who are already on Voypi and talk and text with them for free!
• You can invite other Voypi friends and add more friends so that you can talk and text for free.
• There are no hidden fees, no ads or not any trick as well.
• It has the great sound quality as long as you are connected with your friend anywhere in the world. Cool!
• You don’t need to create any special account to get access this application as it just works with your contact list so, you can call, invite or text people directly from the contact list. No need to search for any database for friends. It’s just all easy!

Let your smart Android / iOS iPhone-cell phone / tablet be completely free and enjoy the calls and texts without spending a single penny!

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