VOIP-Communication Apps For Android

Get Hundreds of VOIP-Communication Apps For Google Android Mobile OS, How Can I and From Where?

For the fans of Google's Android device lovers, I have a cool list (from Android Market) of free and paid VOIP and communication apps for your Android mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Smart VOIP Applications (Apps) List for Android

Well here goes the list for all paid and and/or free VOIP calling apps (like Skype, Fring etc.), you can make free or cheap unlimited VOIP international or local calls (audio/video) using Android with these apps:

Communication Apps List for Android
Well, Communication includes all the VOIP calls but not the vice versa, Communication on Android device could be more comprehensive than that of VOIP on Android, VOIP is only one arm of the Communication channel, other may include emails, Texting, Voice Messaging, IM, online social networking etc etc, ours is an age of internet and communication, where the speed of communication sometimes overlap the speed of time : )

Anyways, here are some top VoIP and Communication (Free/Paid; Audio/Video) apps for your Android devices: Mobile / Tablet etc:

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