A Visual History of Google Android OS

Glance through the Visual History of Google Android OS

Android Basics

Oh the cell phones and their technologies & OS are killing me!! The term itself sounds so huge now, isn’t it? The technologies and the smart phones are actually going hand in hand in today’s scenario. Everyone has literally gone crazy about owning a smart phone. Though there are many names today associated with cell phones like Java, Anna, Symbian, Windows, Apple's iOS, etc., but one name which cannot forget at all is Google’s Android.

Google brought Android into the market in July 2005. This was when Google entered the in to the mobile market. Soon it took over this Android, which is a phone operated by Linux software and introduced Android Mobile OS to the world.

Android OS is that provides you with a tremendously explicit and an open base for development. This is a device that offers immense platform for developers to develop applications which are very progressive and novel. This is a device that grounded on Linux software and it lets in middle-ware and key applications.

Android has been through many modifications from the time it was released. It has been completely transformed so that the use of it has become extremely easy and hassle free. It has been evolved in a manner where the handling and the exploring applications, games and other content.

Android OS is presently furnished for huge variety of smart phones. The best part of the Android is customization; due to this feature the feeling of the Android software is very distinguished and unique on the handsets. Also all the smart phones that are enabled with this software are touch screen ones, so it has desktops that too with different screens. Also customization is an add on which is also a benefit with which you adjust that helps you to set up the desktop screens as per your liking.

Android OS is really great software that has absolutely amazing advantages. This has definitely become the need of time, so just go and grab it if you don’t have by now!

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