Video Clip From a Captured Photo, How To Share, on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch?

What is GLMPS Video-Photo Free App (Pronounced as Glimpse)?

A cool, free photo app that captures a glance of your photo as well as a short video of it, is designed for Apple iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Exciting!

Yeah…now you can watch your Glimpse of your photo with a short video too! How cool! Yes…GLMPS, an innovative, wonderful application which allows the users of iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod touch to view the glimpse of their photo, creatively blended with the brief video.

GLMPS, a newly designed application automatically captures a video clip with every single picture you take and then it binds them together so that you fully experience the moment when you are clipping that photo and you can completely share the life’s beautiful moment. Cool!

The application shares the photos like the other photo sharing application as well as it permits the users to take a snap and share the image with all their family members and friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. It is quite interesting!

You might be thinking that how the GLMPS differs from the other photo applications? Well, the new application not only captures the photo but it also takes a 5 second video that leads the shot. It’s just mindblowing!

Well, now onwards you are able to watch the video too of when you have captured the actual photo. Thus you can able to see the related video of the actual moment which will make you happy and memorize that moment too! It is just a magical application!

The application is very comfortable in use as well as easy to handle. It is just a free application. You need not have to create any extra account on Facebook or Twitter to share your real life moments. Every photo clip is saved in your camera roll too.

The video-photo application has its total support to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Both the front and back cameras of the iPhone4 are fully supported. An awesome application in the iTunes store!

Cherish the memorable moments with your family and friends with the GLMPS!

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