Viber IP Free Call & Text App for Android & iOS (iPhone)

Viber VOIP Free Call & Text Application for Android & iOS (iPhone)
An innovative mobile phone application has been designed for the users of Android and iPhone cell phones and devices. Yes…an amazing application which allows all the users to make a call and send a text for FREE using internet on cell phones!! How cool!!

Yeah…the application called “Viber” has been introduced which permits the users to make the calls and send the text that too for free. You can send the messages and make the calls all over the world with one who has this application installed on their smart phones too. The service is totally free.

Viber incorporates with your recent address book. It has the great sound quality and when it gets activated, it does not require any additional application to get downloaded. The entire Viber features are 100% free!! It is really amazing!!

In spite of being all the services free, Viber doesn’t have any advertisements. Also there is no need to create any other additional account or create your friends list. Cool!!

It just works like a simple phone. A very great plus point of the application is that it allows the permission of FREE international calling too.

Call or send messages as much as you want locally or internationally and that too for FREE!!

Do you know that Viber free VOIP app for Apple iPhone is very popular among the UAE (Gulf) callers, UAE is one of the nation where VOIP is blocked.



Viber said...


This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
Thank you for your review of Viber. We are very happy to see that so many people worldwide take interest in our application.

If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.

kartikshradha said...

Hello Team Viber,

Thanks for your encouraging comment and esteemed visit to this blog, we are happy that we are doing our duty that guys all over the world loves us : )

VOIP is a need of UAE / Gulf and our blog is much popular there, trying to do our pious duty,

keep the good work flowing, one day the VOIP gates will open everywhere in the world and there would be no VOIP call blocking anywhere, this would be a world which will san physical boundaries and only communication over wireless will prevail ...

Anonymous said...

This only works between 2 VIBER users. Since 99% of the world does NOT have Viber... it's useless to me.

I can't make any "real phone calls" at all... to anyone.

Fadi damiri said...

Can anyone guide me please, im trying to send sms to canada from dubai its not working , a friend told me to download viber on my android phone,

will it help ? thanks alot

Anonymous said...

can you help me please, I have downloaded viber on my iPhone but after I register my correct phone number, it will
not go on. I am using a broadband Internet plan on
my iPhone, can only be use by I registered my other number which is use for calling and in the other phone. I really want to have the viber and use it. Please help

kartikshradha said...


@ Anonymous: Can you please let us know, in which country you are using Viber? The Viber Team shortly take care of your problem, if you have some more details, please furnish for a better solution, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hai I am living in Dubai ,using etisalat ,using htc explorer ,I heard about this frm my friend n tried to install,after installing it asks for the phone number and after that I don't get the message...and there is a link to click if u don't get the sms ,that won't work me to find a solution .thanx in advance ...Gopi

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