Use Vonage App on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Get Free International Calls

Don’t we try to avoid international calling many times getting worried about the bills or the rates? Yes of course, I am sure many of you would agree to this, because this is a fact. With all the inflation even the calling rates have increased tremendously and especially for calling internationally, it costs a bomb!!! But there is a Good News!!!!!!!!

The solution to this is the Vonage iOS application in Apple iTunes store, (FYI: Vonage is one of the very first VOIP company to offer VOIP calling in the USA). Yes, the VOIP provider is now giving way to free international calling for the users who download this Vonage application on their iPhones, iPods or iPad. This is called as iPhone Time to Call. This application is absolutely free.

Free Vonage VOIP Calls

The best part about this offer is that you will not have to pay anything for using the application or getting a trial version. Not only is this the expiration date of this free international calling is after one year of downloading the application. Also there are almost 100 countries included to which you can call for free.

Also in case of after you finish the free calling, the calls are billed in 15 minutes increments. The range of talk time varies from 99 cents to $9.99.

With the release of Time to Call, Vonage has completely streamlined the process of international calling and that in an expensive and affordable manner. This is a service that offers immense value for international calling not only for those who are calling from their home but also for those who are traveling around the world as it you are on roaming that rates will reach the sky and will be a definite shock to you, thus this option will be much easier and affordable.

This is because it is simpler to other calling card services which are available for international calling. Thus this is absolute simple, seamless and speedy.

This is not only available for Vonage customers but also for everyone. Also Time to Call is available in almost 87 countries.

This is a real amazing application which will definitely give you relief from getting burdened about international calling, so just download Vonage and go for TIME TO CALL,

Remember that the Vonage calling app is also available to non- Vonage customers having Apple's iOS device.


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