Unbelievable: Apple Inc. Has More Money than USA Government?!

This is Unbelievable that Apple Inc. Has More Money than that of the USA Government?!

Today we cannot talk about technology without talking about Apple Inc., in fact Apple has become the synonym of one of the best and smartest mobile and wireless communication technology rather than the image of Adam and Eve’s red forbidden fruit.

Many telephone companies wish to reach where the Apple has reached today. The craze for the products of this company is spreading much more rapidly than the fire in the jungle. Be it iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac Laptops or the tablets. Anyone and everyone wants to own one of these, then be it for business purpose or any kind education purpose or just to flow with the trend and style of the world.

You may really not believe if it is said that this company Apple. Inc is even richer than the Federal Government of the United States of America, does not it sound unbelievable? But it actually is no exaggeration at all. This is been declared by the reports that come from the Financial Times which says that the operating balance of the government is less than that of Apple. Inc. Wowwwwww, that’s really incredible, isn’t it?

This company incorporates a cash reserve of approximately US$75.876 Billions!!!!!! Wake up don’t faint, this company that basically deals in products like tablets, laptops, smart phones holds a cash which it can almost boast about even to the government. So people don’t get shocked if the US President is asking for loan from Apple. Inc. Anyways jokes apart, but this is a fact and it’s really terrific.

Of course this may not be the exact and accurate figures, but it is definitely pretty close to the real. This is something that truly represents the power of this company, which is absolutely unbeatable. The operating balance of the government of United States is somewhat around US$73.789 Billions, so that means that this is $2 Billion less than that of Apple.Inc,

Well this certainly means that Apple is now even richer than the US Government itself. This fact itself portrays the importance and super power that the company has achieved after 1998 that is basically after it introduced iMac. It has also easily overpowered all its competitors like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony etc that too in a par excellence manner.

It also possesses a capital of approximately $363 billion being the second largest in the globe. So this really reveals the success and flourishing of Apple.Inc and that is has reached to heights that are really unbelievable!!!

Good work Apple, just keep the ball rolling : )

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