Turn Yourself Into a Pre-Historic-Caveman! Time Machine App

How to Turn Yourself and Yours Into a Pre-Historic-Caveman! Time Machine App for Apple iOS: Iphone, iPod Touch, iPad

Well, I am excited and all set to take you all to an exciting Time-Less or rather a Time-Travel journey where the time becomes Zero, and you can actually sail through the frontiers san Time, into the pre-historic ages while you can enjoy dancing with the stone age man and can morph yourself into that ages : )

By the way, did you had read H.G. Wells' science fiction: Time Machine?

This Pre-Historic Booth is one of the best iOS fun photo (with camera) app I had ever reviewed!

Using your Apple wireless device: iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can actually turn any photograph into the prehistoric one like a caveman or a stone age tribe, it works a bit like face morphing app for any non-techy or a layman!

To view between the normal & transformed photos just shake your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

This Photo fun app is cool for all or any ages, this is sure to paint a broad smile on your lips, I bet!

Do not forget to share your Ape-man / Primitive man pictures on MMS and over your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Plus etc. online social networks.






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