Turn iPhone Into a TV Remote & Viewing Guide

How to turn, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch into a Remote & Viewing Guide

Now your iPhone is going to be your guide to suggest you what to watch on TV!! How interesting!!

Yes…a new application called as BUDDY TV for iPhone has launched recently.

The application is the best application ever. It suggest you which programs or shows to watch. Also it enables the users to select the best programs that are on the top of the guide. It’s really great!

The application blendss a smart viewing guide on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with amazing features like chat. The application also enables you to watch the shows which are broadcasted and also has access to your Facebook and Twitter.

Another interesting thing of the application that it suggests the shows and programs for you to view which are about to broadcast. As well as it also suggest the names of upcoming shows on your favorite list. The application works with Google TV in the current scenario and will be able to behave as a remote with tablet PCs and phones.

This awesome TV application seeks to be smart in suggesting what the shows to be watched. It also permits you to rate the shows and various channels and it gives you the testimonials based on what the application wants you to watch. Isn’t that really cool!

Their one more option given by the application is that you can set reminders for your shows which you want to watch later as per your requirement and that too in notification of your phone. It really awesome!

Let us see the features of this smart application:

• It prefers your favorite channels to the top.
• It urges the shows which are all time favorite to you.
• Suggests the shows to watch.

Just go through the guide and view your favorite programs, Enjoy!


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