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There is a hidden child within each adult or an individual. From ages everyone loves to play games and this Generation X, love to play games on their cell phones, tablets or on the Internet.

There are several types of games which are attracting the viewers day- by- day. A common scene in today’s scenario is there are several boys hunched over their cell phones, busily pressing the keys of it and were completely engaged in playing a game over their iPhone’s.

Yeah…a discovery of new game, that had attracted millions of people in a very short period of time.

Yes…Tiny Tower Game! It is a new game that allows the players to build an eminent skyscraper, floor by floor. It’s really exciting!

Tiny Tower iOS game is getting popular now, perhaps it will take away one of the most popular games: Angry Birds free HD or Gaga Villa or Plants versus Zombies in near future!?

Let us see how the Tiny Tower Mobile Game works:

Players start the game by simply building the floors, adding apartments, restaurants, nurseries and even night clubs too! Playing this game is just a wonderful experience!

The most attractive part of this game is the Bitizens. Yes…Bitizens (two dimensional beings) are the real drivers of this amazing game. They live in the apartment, they work in the shops of the different floors and also they too have their own social networking site like the Facebook called as BitBook where they post their views. How interesting!

Netizens are the guys who lives (or use) the 'net;
the Bitizens are the two dimensional beings...

Bitizens are unique in their personal appearances. Their hair color, skin color, hair style, dressings vary from each other. Every Bitizen living in the floor can be redressed as per the players wish. Their skin color and the hair color will be same but their outfits can be redressed. That’s great! Due to this no two players will exactly have the same pair of the Bitizens while playing the game.

As these Bitizens update their status on BitBook, you are able to know what they like or what they don’t like about living in your building. Oh! Great! According to that you can modify or change the living situations according to the requirement of the Bitizens. Amazing!

Another good thing about the game is that the players are able to find their friend who are playing this game and can watch how they had created their own towers. Cool!

So, in this funny, wonderful game:

• You can build new types of floors and attract Bitizens to live there as well as work there.
• You can also customize the look of each floor as well as raise the elevator too!
• As you make your floors high towards the clouds, you will earn special VIP perks on that. Exciting!
• Also you can watch what is going in the Bitizens mind by just viewing into the BitBook site of the Bitizens which is a virtual social networking site for your tower! Wonderful!

Tiny Tower is an awesome tablet PC and Apple iOS game; hurry, try it once you will really love it! Get addicted : )

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