Telepresence Robots: Video Communication Breakthrough

Understanding the Concept of Tele-presence QB Robots in the Mobile Video Communications?

A next big tech future is awaiting you! Yes…the telepresence Robots, a new discovery has reached the market place and had created its place to bring the revolution in the Telepresence media. Awesome!

Yes… robotics actually offer advantages over technologies such as video-conferencing on the wheels. These robots attempt all the office works. Great!

The Anybots QB Robot is the most recent of the robotics and communication technologies that makes the mobile Telepresence systems, controllable from any web browser. Yes…these are the personal robots, studded with WIFI video cameras that help you in making video call conferencing from anywhere. Wow, really interesting!

Let us see a bit, what does the Telepresence and Robotics means to me?

The Telepresence robots are wheeled devices that are guided by a person sitting at a remote computer. So, if you are unable to attend the important meeting, no need to worry! Just send the robot on behalf of you and it will take your place around the conference table. Oh, that’s amazing!

The Telepresence robots are furnished with cameras, microphones, screens and speakers so that you can interact with the others sitting in the meeting as if you are present there. Wonderful application!

How the Personal Robots will help making Video Call Conferencing from Anywhere?

So from now on wards you are going to be a part of the action at work, or from home or anywhere. Yes…discover your own personal avatar with the help of this amazing application.

All you required is just a web browser to interact with the entire office staff. The robot moves smoothly and effortlessly giving the complete feel of your presence.

Also you don’t have to rely on someone to reserve a room with the video conferencing. Yes…you just recall the appointment time, set up a conference call and simply start the application and interact with the people as if you are present there.

Well, after the large session / meetings in the big companies, there is a tea break. Yes…here your robot can go and also interact with the different peoples. Yes, the avatar robot can go out in the hall and can let you to talk with the others too! Incredible!

Indeed…the great evolution in the world of mobility and the Telepresence!

Enjoy the era of communication, online social networking and discoveries!

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