Talk, Dance With 3D Sharks

Shark Fingers 3D Aquarium Apple iTunes App for iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Drag your friends to the ravenous White and Blue Sharks! Surprised?

Yeah…here is the 3D technology known as Shark Fingers that allows you to feed your friends into the shark’s mouth. Amazing!

You can now watch & turn your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into an ocean or an aquarium or can ‘fill’ it with water and cruel, real 3D virtual Sharks swim around your icons! Oh, that’s really exciting!

This all will not happen in any big aquarium but on your Apple iOS device: iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad.

Yes…it’s just easy.

Let us see how it works?

Set the background of your iPhone to the live camera or an image of your friend. Then double tap the screen where you want the sharks to attack when you are ready, tap the take photo button and here you go!

You can share this photo with your friends on Facebook and twitter and see the reactions! That’ really wonderful!

There are lots of features of this rocking 3D aquarium application. Just make a dive...

• There are different types of 3D aquarium available in the market, but Shark Fingers has real 3D sharks! They can swim in all direction and can also chase your fingers! Wow amazing!
• You can interact with your sharks by touching the screen and view the ravenous sharks hunting for your fingers!
• You will have the whole bunch of the sharks to entertain you and not just the one.
• You can watch a great 3D experience when the sharks bite you and the water in the tank becomes bloody red! Ouch!!
• You can set the live camera background of your shark tank and feed your friends to the shark. Awesome!
• You can also take the underwater photos and share them with your friends on the Facebook.

Here you just have to use any image you like as a background of your aquarium. Then select any image from your photo library and it will look like your iPhone or iPad is full of water and full of 3D sharks! How exciting!

• Another amazing experience is that you just lean your iPhone and watch the moving water. It’s just look real.

Enjoy the 3D thrilling experience of the sharks but beware of the real life Sharks too!!

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