Take Control of your Cell Phone: Screen Calls & Texts

How to Schedule / Block / Screen and Allow phone calls and SMS on your iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smart phones?

Are you really annoyed with unwanted calls and messages? Here is the amazing solution for your problem. Yes…Mr. Number, an application that blocks the unwanted calls and messages and let the users to see them later when they are free from their work. It’s really exciting!

Well…today we found several ways of communication all over the world. Peoples are connected with their family and friends in different ways such as Skype, IM, Facebook, Twitter and many more. But one tool that still connects entire world is your favorite Mobile Phone, Considered as the best, easiest and the quickest means of communication. It’s absolutely true. Isn't it?

Yes…there are numerous advantages of having a cell phone but it is going to be hectic also. There are many calls of messages that comes on your cell phone are not of any use. You get really irritate having these calls. But don’t worry!

Mr. Number is there for you to help you in this type of problem. Yes…it lets your friends to know when the right time to call you is or you can just prefer the message at this moment or you can say that you are busy at this time. It’s so cool!

How would you know that your friend is busy or not? It’s just a guessing game. Mr. Number withdraws all the guessing. Wonderful!

Find Spam Numbers, Prank Callers, Reverse Look Up, Mystrey Callers, Tele Marketers, Stalker, Debt Collector, Mom etc.

This amazing application does many great things as well; such as it allows you to block the calls and messages of a specific number. It let your friends to know when you are free to make the call or message. Mr. Number automatically put the cell phone on the silence mode too.

The application supports Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry as well as Google Android OS. The application permits calls when you need them and block the calls when you don’t want them.

Mr. Number is the only application for BlackBerry Smartphones that blocks the calls as well as texts. It’s interesting! If you want you can block the single mobile number or a contact or you can block the complete area too.

Let us take an overview of the features of this wonderful application:

• It can suggest your friends when you are free to call or send a voice mail to everyone when you are engaged.

• It can block the calls or the texts of a person or of the specific area too.

• It can block the private numbers.

• You may have automatic look for every number that is not in your address book.

• You can add new contacts to your address book that too in one click!

• The calls made by telemarketers, debt collectors and other spammers are blocked before they call you.

Now this would be the end to unwanted calls which are irritating you!

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