Skype VOIP Calls at Sony PS Vita

How Can I use Skype VOIP Calls at Sony PS (Play Station) Vita Gaming Handheld Wireless Console?

We are very familiar with the smart and best VOIP application called as Skype, acquired by Microsoft. Like Google we all use it on a daily basis, unnoticed that how much useful is this VOIP communication app.

Well, Skype furnishes you with numerous facilities such as UNLIMITED FREE Skype to Skype video chatting, P2P Silk Codec, one-to-one free calling, group calling and many more. The whole world is really getting closer with the help of this amazing application and that too in a very simpler manner! How cool!

Yes…Skype has its support to Sony Play Station Vita (using its 3G capability) and also we can do Sony PSP-Skype VOIP calling! Wonderful!

Skype really is providing even more conversations with its forth coming availability on Sony Play Station. Great!

The Vita is a handheld gaming device but Sony needs to compete it with the smart phones. So, it announced that the PS Vita will now have the features of Skype free calls to the other Skype users as well as to other phone lines. Cool!

It would be great news to hear that from now on wards the PS Vita users have the great chance to talk with their near and dear ones around the globe with the free Skype-to Skype voice calling! Interesting! Also they get an advantage of Skype’s low cost calls to land lines and mobiles internationally.

Stay connected with your family and friends on Play stations too!

Have free VOIP audio / video calls and fun unlimited!

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