Skype-Face-Time Video Calling on Sony Xperia Neo & Xperia Pro

Skype-Face-Time Video Calls on Sony Xperia Neo & Xperia Pro (ideal busines phone) in Real Time

Sony’s cool gift to cell phone smart mobile world with two new Smartphones launch!

Sony Ericsson, a leading mobile company has launched its two new brands in the market. The two new generation multimedia Android (GingerBread) Flash Smartphones are, “Xperia Neo” and “Xperia Pro”.

Yes…these are the latest addition in the world of Smartphones for the generation X. The best ever featured Smartphone having the cutting edge technology from Sony and an especial multimedia technology on the current version of the Android platform.

The Xperia Pro has the capability of fast messaging along with the multimedia features from Sony Ericsson.

Sony Xperia Neo permits its users to feel the best ever multimedia experience of Android and of Sony. How cool!

Skype VOIP Mobile Video Call Conferencing over Sony Smart Cell Phones

Along with this another hit to the mobile world! Yeah…Skype, the VOIP has declared its total support to the Android with its video calling feature. Great!

Yes…now you can also have a video chat with your friends and family members on your Android devices too. It’s amazing!

From now on wards Skype video calling on a Smartphones are going to be easy. You can make a call as well as a video call with the best sound and picture quality.

There is one another feature that you can view the glances of Xperia pro when connected to the big screen TV. Oh, it’s really amazing!

Stay tuned to your Xperia Smartphones with all new amazing features and make Skype video calls, they are always free Skype to Skype anywhere in the world.

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