Skype Access Wi-Fi Finder Free App for IOS

Skype Access Wi-Fi Hotspot (Social networking, VOIP Comunication and Utility Free App) for Apple iOS (iTunes Store): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Are you a roamer or a business traveler all over the world? Here is the chance for you to reduce the data roaming charges when you are on the international travel or on a business tour. Oh, really?

Yes…the great communication giant, the VOIP leader Microsoft’s Skype has launched a new iOS application called as Skype WiFi. Great!

The social networking and VOIP communication free application is available for the Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) that enable its users to use Skype credit to connect to wireless public hotspots at a range of locations all over the globe like anywhere at restaurants, airports, railway stations etc. Wonderful!

Skype Access: A WIFI-HotSpot Finder App

Really the must have application for the international travelers. So, get online with over 1 million WiFi hotspots around the world. How cool!!

When you log in the Skype WiFi, you are able to see the list of global hotspots you can join. Once you are connected, you will only pay for the time you are online and not for any kind of downloads. Really cool!

Let us how this amazing application does really work?

Using this application is great easiness in itself. Yeah…once you download the application and log in the Skype account first you ensure that you have some credit in it.

When you desire to get online, no matters wherever you are in the restaurant, at the airport or at the train stations, bars or any other location, you just switch on the application and select the providers from the list. Every provider has its own charges listed. So, if there is more than one provider in the list you just have to choose the one which serves you the best.

This wonderful application can be used with over a million of hotspots all over the globe. But the usage charge alters between the hotspots providers.

Yeah…it is really good to see that online sessions are charged on per minutes basis. So, in this time you can download, email or surf on the Internet as you wish to without any concern of receiving a large bill. Wow, that’s great too!

So from now onwards there is no need to buy an hour or a day WiFi voucher if you are looking to just check an email or to do a Skype call.

The Skype Access WiFi application thus offers you cost effective and comfortable way to get online with your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) whether you are on your business trip or enjoying the holidays in abroad.

To get start with the application all you need is the Skype account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and some credit. It’s just so simple!

Enjoy your overseas roaming trip with Skype Access WiFi technology, find yourself a reliable and cost efficient hotspot and get connected – stay tuned!

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