Set Up Home Surveillance with Apple Facetime Video Calls

How to Set up Home Surveillance System with Apple Face time Video Calls?

An amazing solution which is going to protect your house when you are not present in the house!! How exciting!!

Yes…the tech solution is here which will keep eye on your house even when you are not present for keeping the watch you just need Computer Mac and the Apple Script. How cool!!

Let us see what is FaceTime?

The Facetime is basically a free WIFI video calling native software application from Apple and a related protocol which is developed by Apple for the Mac, mobile handheld iOS devices, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2.

Home surveillance system, what is this?
Our house should be protected when we are out for some reasons. Here the idea of “Active Webcam” born. The idea is really very cool!! It is very helpful to us while we are not present inside our house.

It keeps its eye on our house while we are away. The home security is thus gets accomplished with the help of this webcam. Also here we can put the answering machine to automatically answer the incoming calls which is another great idea! A great invention!

Yes... here we have an interesting option to set up the home surveillance system with the help of Apple face time application. It’s amazing!

To set up the home surveillance system you need a webcam which is going to be getting installed in the house from the iOS devices with Face-Time unlimited free video calls.

Let us see how it works?

On your computer machine you just have copy the Apple Script and later on paste it into the Apple Script editor, saved it as an application. That’s it! Now when you leave your house, just run the application and it will take care of your house by supervising it for new Face time calls.

If you want to check what is happening in your living room just give yourself a call on Face Time from your smart phones and you PC will mechanically give reply to you. How interesting!! Really cool!!

When you are done with the call, the script will close Face Time and will proceed monitoring for incoming calls. When you reach home just make sure that you first quit the application to stop Face Time from auto answering.

Make your home safe with the home surveillance system!! It is really worth!!

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