Send Free Text & Free Call on Internet: Pinger Free SMS & Calls

Yeah… it’s true. The technology which allows rescues us to create text and send them for free from the internet has been evolved.

The Pinger, a web based voice messaging application has recently plunged a free service for posting text over a web browser, this would perhaps compete with Apple's recent i-Message?!

The new technology appears to be a way over traditional SMS and on the rapidly growing mobile messaging market.

The product combines mobiles instant messaging (IM) and SMS texting which appears to be perfect to larger industry styles. The most important thing is Pinger supports Android devices as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications too.

Pinger has a free voice calling service recently which lets the users to make free phone calls.
Let us go through the various features of this new product:

1. This product is very unique, which permits you to select a personalized USA phone number, irrespective of telecom operator / carrier.
2. It also enables you to send and receive text messages through different mobile numbers online.
3. Also the Pinger text free1.2 update for Android application sums up Facebook chat into the text free inbox.
4. It provides its users with an individual phone number through which they can send and get unlimited messages.
5. You can access this service for free from any computers.
6. There is no need of any other devices to install it.
7. Pinger supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.
Pinger is a superb option rather it is quite simpler too.

People all around the world are getting connected to the online services via their mobile devices. Giving the world a method for intense communication is quite tough thing, but Pinger is beyond that, it’s totally unique.

Let the world be connected with you at your finger touch… connect with Pinger!!



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