Send Free Group SMS or Text Messages

How to Send Free Group SMS or Text Messages?

Freebies certainly lures us all : ) Now you don’t have to spend a single penny for your text messaging! Yeah…an innovative application called “Whozzat” is here for your SMS or text messaging needs, this save your money on your text messages and group SMS.

An amazing application which allows the users to send text messages as well as group SMS for FREE! How cool!!

Whozzat it is a free SMS service without any kind of advertisements. The most important thing is Whozzat only posts the message and not an extra single character than that. It’s really good.

Whozzat is also available on the Android application. It has the facility of instant searching. It saves the history of the text messages.

With the help of Whozzat you can express your feeling with different type of peoples like your family or your friends. At the same time you can chat with several kinds of people without any hassle.

Let’s see the features provided by Whozzat

• It provides FREE SMS service anywhere in the world.
• The character limit of each SMS is 470 characters.
• Also it can send the flash SMS.
• You can send SMS to your group or your friends and family.
• Most important thing is your own mobile number is used as sender id.
• It is an advertisement free technology.

Yet an interesting option, for the international messages it’s not going to be a big conduct because the rates are low and your message will be transferred without any trouble. Cool!!

Express your feelings even more convenient, efficient and in cool manner!

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