Rotary Vintage Dialer App For Smart Cell Phone

How to Stud your Apple iOS i-Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Free Rotary Vintage Dialer?
Do you recall the circular dialers which we were using in the past? My be they are now historical for the Gen X?! Yes… the same we all used to have. Now you can get back to the old happy memories with the help of the new application. Exciting!

Yes…an iRotary Phone, a cool, latest application that will really brings back all your memories regarding the circular dialer. Interesting!
Tell me more about Rotary Dialer for Telephones

Yeah…the iRotary Phone just works like the regular circular dialer. You just have to rotate the wheel for the number you want to dial. There is no need of tapping the buttons now. Cool! Realistic too!

How to Convert Your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch into a Rotary Phone Dialer with this iOS App?

Currently there are three different backgrounds for the phone for you to choose as per your requirements. More themes are going to be added later as soon as possible. In this application you can set the volume of sound as you require. You can also turn on/off the sound. Pleasing application!

The application has it total support to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices.

It is really going to be interesting to have the circular, rotary dialers again which will take us to get back into our past memories.

Awesome iOS Fun and Communication Utility application! You will love it as well as enjoy!

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