Para-Sky Diving: Free Fall App for Apple iOS

Sky Diving: Free Parachuting Fall from the Blues, Fun, Adventure Game App for Apple iOS

Sky diving / Sky Hand Gliding / Parachuting is the most thrilling, breathtaking experience. Float in mid air, pull down the rip-cord rope of your virtual parachute, falling down from the maximum height from the sky is really very exciting, electrifying! Oh, wow!

There are some peoples who enjoy doing the adventures or the thrill, but there are many who are afraid of this amazing thrill.

Yes…for those people who are afraid of doing the sky diving can fulfill their wish by playing the Sky diving game on their smart phones. Oh, that’s cool!

Yeah…the AFR Drop Zone is an ultimate sky diving and parachuting game. It permits its users to jump from the larger height, sky dive and do various tricks, then pull the rip cord and parachute to the drop zone target. Oh, that’s really awesome!

You can score the bonus points while in the free fall so, pull your parachute rip cord as late as possible to collect more bonus points.

Also at the Drop zone target, the closer to the center of the target the better is the score.

There are various drop zone targets (like NY City Central Park, Merritt island and many such) which are set for the players to choose while playing the game.

Let us see the features of this beautiful, thrilling game:
• The game features you with the realistic parachute in virtual world or on a digital screen.
• You can feel the adventure in your brain and body simulation, also hear the rock and roll sound while playing the game.
• Embedded with the stunning photo realistic graphics.
• The application has the International high score engine.
• It has a realistic free fall physics engine.

Enjoy the excitement in the mobile digital game and score more bonus points.

Just suit up and have the fun unlimited!!

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