Ooma VS Axvoice – Who is the Best VoIP Provider?

Ooma VS Axvoice – Who is the best VoIP provider?
Internet phone service is one of those few technologies that have revolutionized our lives. There are so many Internet phone services out there that all claim to be the best VoIP provider (http://cheapestvoipcalls.net/). Here is a comparison of Axvoice with Ooma, two of the big guns in the VoIP industry. Let us see, which one is better than other and where you should put your hard earned money.

Cost of Acquiring The Service
The first question that springs up in the mind is the initial cost. There are many VoIP providers out there but I haven’t found a lot of them that penalize you heavily for switching to them. Ooma’s approach in this regard is abysmal at best. They have found a great way to trap their customers into a never-ending cycle. They ask you for a complete upfront payment of either $249.99 or $299.98 to have their service.

Well, this may seem to be OK for some of the customers, but overall, I don’t think it as the right way to win the hearts of the customers. Why would some company make me pay a lot of money? This is another way of compelling your customers to stick to a service and that too with a very heavy price.

Axvoice however does not have any strings to its service. It is just plain and simple. You pay according to your choice. They offer so many different call plans according to the need and affordability of the customer that there are not any hard choices to make.

Setting up and Configuration
Installing a VoIP phone service may not be the trickiest of all the things but still some services are not that user friendly. The problem comes when people don’t understand their absurd manuals that only they think are user friendly.

Axvoice and Ooma are both simple to install and configure. I didn't have any of the usual problems that I earlier faced with the other so-called super VoIP services. I went live within no time and started making calls quickly. In terms of setting up, there isn’t any difference between the two.

Quality of Phone Calls
Call quality forms an integral part of the overall phone usage experience. The call quality becomes more evident once you regularly start making calls. When I first used Axvoice and Ooma, the experience was pretty similar. However, initially all my phone calls were made nationwide. Meanwhile, international calling was a lot different from both the services.

Ooma was fine for local calls, but the international calls were below quality due to several issues that I faced. Axvoice however went strong even for the international calls and there weren’t any issues that I can report.

Calling Rates
Lastly, being economy driver myself, I prefer a low cost phone service that saves on phone bills too. Axvoice and Ooma are almost similar for the local phone calls but there is a huge difference in terms of international call rates. This differentiates the two from being the best VoIP provider. Ooma is a bit expensive for international phone calls when compared to Axvoice.

The experience that I had with Ooma and Axvoice suggests me that I should go for Axvoice. I prefer it because it has no heavy initial costs, is a lot more economical to use and lastly, it offers better voice quality.

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Blake Hammond said...

One point at which evey one would agree is none of the two is "bad" provider. Each of the two have its own benefits and disadvantages. What we need to do is to keep our own requirements in mind. We take decision in the light of our needs. Only then we will be able to buy some genuine solution.

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