Navigate Space With Solar Walker App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

How to Virtually Touch, Feel and Navigate Space on your Apple (iOS App) iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch?

It’s just an amazing experience to view the heavenly bodies during night. To observe all the planets and stars is an astounding experience. Imagine if this kind of observation is available on you iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! That’s great!

Yes…solar walk is just going to be easier and more amazing than ever with 3D solar.

A 3D solar system model has been designed for the better viewing of the space through your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows the users to easily go through the space and time. You can able to see all the planets and stars very closely. View the inner structure of the stars as well as planets and many more. The 3D model helps us to get a natural and zooming experience to view the full galaxy. It’s really awesome!!

On your iPad (with this App) you are able to view a marvelous tour of solar system. It is the spectacular version with pleasant graphics with wonderful colors. It’s going to be a smooth and wonderful demo on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Imagine you are dragging your fingers smoothly to fly around each planets is a magnificent moment. Isn't really!

3D solar walk enables users to look the planets very closely. The application is very lovely and is designed to view exact model of the planets in the solar system. There is no need of Internet connection to use this application. How cool!!

Let us review the features of this wonderful application

• You can view an absolute magical view of the galaxy.
The Time Machine Option lets you to set any date and take a travel through the space and time.
• Fly to a Planet allows you to choose the planet and directly way fly on it.
• Locations option will permit you to view the exact location of your on the globe. In addition, the name of all big cities on earth.
• You are able to get the basic information about each planet with the pictures.
• Also you can able to view the list of the moons of all the planets.

Get mingled with the stars, dance with fairies, do star gazing, touch planets and galaxies, surf the amazing & mystical world of solar system!

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