Mobile App Decides: To Whom You Shouldn't be Call While Drunk!

When the Mobile App Decides: To Whom You Shouldn't be Call While Drunk!

Oh no! Oh my God! What I have done?
... I have lost my job as well as my girl friend-s! It’s just disgraceful!

Yes…this is going to be end result when you make a call to your boss or your girlfriend-s when you are drunk! It’s really very shameful for you.

But yeah…now no need to worry at all because an amazing Apple iOS application which will prohibit you to make telephone calls when you are drunk. Wow. That’s interesting na?!

Yep …The Designated Dialer is a newly launched application for those who speak more when they are drunk. Awesome mobile app!

Designated Dialer is basically a drunken dialer lock for your iPhone. It does not allows you to make calls to the desired number when you drunk hard. Superb!

So, now you can enjoy partying with your friends as the Designated Dialer is at your service!

Most of the people have the habit that when the first sip of the beer hits their lips, they just jerk out their mobile phones and start making calls to anyone like their girlfriends, friends, family members, their office colleagues and many more. So, here the Designated Dialer is ready to help these peoples.

Let see how this smart phone app really helps?

You just have to decide to whom you shouldn't be calling when you are drunk and then just hit the “Lock my Phone” option of the application and here you go!

The designated Dialer will automatically lock those phone numbers whom you don’t want to call.

Yeah…Designated Dialer will edit those numbers so, every time you try to call them, you will get the toll free number that will remind you that you probably shouldn't be calling them. It’s just Awesome!

When you wake up the next morning, just run the application again and pass a simple coordination test, then your contacts will be put back to the normal and you will realize that you didn't make any bad phone calls. It’s feels just very relaxing!

Enjoy tension free, rocking, astounding party with your friends!

Enjoy the boom and the life, as it comes, this is the Mantra!

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