Make Google Voice On 3G/4G/Wi-Fi on Android Devices

Day by day the advent of new technologies are being evolved in the world of telecom and communications. One such is “Groove IP”. It is an application which is linked with Google Voice.

There are many other application too which allows you to make calls to any phone at low rates or free, but Groove IP differs from others. It permits you to make unlimited phone calls to any phone in U.S or Canada using your smart phones but not using your mobile minutes. Yes… it’s true.

Groove IP is an application in which you can make and receive calls using 3G/4G and Wi-Fi on Android devices.

Necessary things to use the application:

To use this application you have to get a free public phone number from Google Voice. Once you get the number then this application lets you make or meet the calls from anyone all around the world. This single number will help you to make the calls anywhere, free calls in U.S and Canada. Unbelievably, low rates for the calls elsewhere. Also it is able to resend the incoming calls to voice mail box.

One more interesting option you get with the application, if you have a mobile phone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plans, the application Groove IP is the best as it changes it to free spectacular working phone.

The application consists of a separate dialer who is used to make calls or you can use the default dialer and select the application which to use either Groove IP or your mobile service to make calls on a single call basis.

Let us review the features of Groove IP:

- You can call any phone in U.S or Canada using your smart phone device but not your smart phone minutes.
- Firstly, you have to get your free public phone number from Google Voice.
- You can start making and receiving calls using Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.
- The application itself sends your incoming call to your voice mail box.
- You have to pay low rates for the calls around the world except U.S and Canada where the calls are free.

“Technology… a queer thing” it brings you great gifts, One such is Groove IP.

Stay connected with the latest Technology as it makes your connection with the world comfortable and easy going too.

Experience the awesome Android mobile communication app (application)!!

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