Live Cable TV: App on iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

Streaming Mobile TV App for Home Networks: Apple iOS
Never want to miss any TV show when you are out? Here is the amazing solution for you.

Yeah…now you can watch your favorite on-demand rental / TV channels (and can record them over DVR) on your Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch or iPhone. Wow that’s really wonderful!!

Cablevision is an outstanding application allows the users to view the favorite TV programs on your iPhone and iPod touch.

The subscribers are able to view their most likely TV channels and hundreds of videos on the demand or as per their wish.

The application is entirely a new feature for iPad tablet PC. It can be used as a remote control for cable vision set–top boxes. Thus the users can directly change the channels straight from the device itself.

Users can watch the TV programs like watching it on the regular TV screen. TV programs can be paused when the user wants and also they can watch the TV shows in portrait and landscape mode.

The application is available in any Apple store and that too for free. It has its total support to iPhone and iPod touch smart phones.

Watching TV shows wherever you are is not going to be a big thing in the current world of technology.

Now carry the entertainment digital TV on demand application in your pocket and enjoy!!

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