How to Use iPhone - iPod touch As External Keyboard For iPad?

Apple iOS - External Key Pad Docking, Easy Typing, How to?

Of course the wonder tablet from Apple, the iPad is one of the best technological advanced devices that we have today. But sometimes it becomes when you need to do extensive typing stuff it may get uncomfortable. Hence a new application called External Keyboard for the operating system of iPad or rather iOS.

This is a mind blowing App / application which enables comfortable and speedy typing or the use of an external keyboard that is your iPhone. If you face problems as the screen of the iPad is large then you can make use of your iPhone as an alternative to the external keyboard and do fast and seamless typing through that.

iPad to iPhone / iPod Touch Wireless Docking

This app works when the iPhone or the iPad of the user is connected to the iPad. Also it isn't critical or complicated to connect it. All you have to do is get it wirelessly docked / connected through Bluetooth or even with Wifi. This application is also extremely beneficial as you can also make use of different languages which are available with the iPhone or iPod. These languages include Greek, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese and many more.

Also it is very clear that the application is universal, hence if you need to start working with it then you must understand that it is necessary to install both iPad as well as your iPhone.

The iPad here will work like a web browser, or in layman’s terms like the screen and thus your iPhone acts as an external keyboard. Thus this will allow you to surf in the web browser which is your iPad and operate it through your iPhone. You can also write emails through this but it is to a limited extent as you have to use the iPad for further completion of it.

This is an extremely handy application and will certainly facilitate the iPad users. This is a way to split the keyboard in to two different parts, which helps tremendously to type expeditiously and seamlessly.

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